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Now more and more girls take the initiative to pursue boys, in fact, if you really love each other may also wish to take the initiative to pursue their own love, including lost love. Rescuing a boyfriend is actually a process of pursuing a boyfriend again, the following teach you some way to recover your ex-boyfriend, hoping to help you successfully compound.

“Get ex boyfriend back—-after breaking up, the girl recovers her ex boyfriend’s routine”

After the break-up, the girl recovered her ex-boyfriend’s way

One: to save the boyfriend depends on perseverance and patience and is determined to change themselves.

But girls are not fit to fight a protracted war in one way, and if you find that one method can’t get him back, try a different approach. You can start by changing yourself and being a strong, independent girl.

The best love is not after the break-up, I live to be yours. But even if we break up, we can do better ourselves, no girl likes boys who are not highly edy, and no boy likes a loose, lazy girl.

Don’t think he likes the way you used to be, if that’s what you think, why did he leave? So, to be a refined self, to re-attract his eyes.

Two: Don’t cry after breaking up, don’t show your glass heart.

But try to restrain themselves, rational to treat, give each other a little time and space to think, and they are also in this period of time to really examine their own love, reflect on their behaviour.

Many girls after being broken up will show a naked glass heart, and cry and cry to petite, thinking that so boyfriend will compromise, will not leave their own.

“Get ex boyfriend back—-after breaking up, the girl recovers her ex boyfriend’s routine” 

If you think so, it is a big mistake, there are not a few couples of break-up in a cry to compound, yes, boys like to petite girl, but petite is not equal to glass heart, will petite girl is good at grasping the scale of it.

Third: you can use the circle of friends to shape their new image.

The image displayed by the circle of friends can be appropriately beautified, such as self-portrait can choose angles, life sense can be side-by-side, food can beautify the picture appears to be very high-end, and the circle of friends also gave each other space for reverie.

When you show him a good part of yourself through a circle of friends, he will be curious about your life, or he will make up for it. Because the circle of friends shows a beautiful image, his brain complement will certainly go in the beautiful direction of brain supplement. But whatever you think, shaping your image through a circle of friends is a positive and useful way to do it.

“Get ex boyfriend back—-after breaking up, the girl recovers her ex boyfriend’s routine”

Four: face it directly.

Directly ask him out, if he said something inconvenient, then you do not ask him why, what kind of thing, you seem to understand him very well, not so much need his attitude.

There is a certain awkwardness between the two of them when you break up, and they are both sensitive, and if you ask him why it will only make him more and more tired of you, you will go further and further.

If he comes out, you can express your attitude at the same time to guide the other side’s emotional output, let the other party spend emotions, the more emotions, the more care you care, the higher the recovery success rate.

In fact, the way everyone has, just to see how you use it. Two people’s life is pure, mutual tolerance and mutual understanding will certainly have a good life, to save the boyfriend is also the need for sincere patience to succeed?

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