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Good-looking leather sacs are the same, interesting souls choose one in a million.

For men, on the one hand, they want women to hold on a little bit in front of other men.

On the other hand, I hope that women in front of their own can be open a little, can take the initiative to hot post.

To cater to men’s fantasies about women, many girls are also trying to be authentic.

Most of the right women are boring.

A woman who knows how to flirt is more attractive than a woman who doesn’t flirt.

People who think they don’t flirt are more attractive than flirts because naiveness is more attractive.

What is flirting?

Flirting is, “a measured face.”

Don’t face it, it is that you are interested in “sleeping” each other, and reasonable a state of mind.

“Flirt chat”

There is a measure, that is, you express the desire to sleep each other, is the two people’s existing communication channels, content framework, language habits within the scope, not sudden.

Also do not want to put pressure on each other in form of time, today can not sleep male god does not matter, I will always sleep to you.

For flirting in a chat, we can understand this:

Heaven and earth all things that can bring us the greatest happiness is the favourite opposite sex, this kind of happiness is the most direct way is to have each other’s body.

The so-called flirting is that both sides have each other before, in the language of each other’s high attention.

When this concern is expressed in a flirtatious, questioning, and negative way, the emotions conveyed tend to be stronger.

From this point of view, it is not too much to say that flirting is “language SM”.

That is before the two sides are about to have each other physically, play each other in language.

Zhang Ailing once said: If you do not tease women, she said you are not a man;

If you tease her, you’re not superior.

“Flirt chat”

The meaning of words, elegant flirtation, in raising the relationship, how important.

For women, by the same to say.

Flirting between men and women is the world’s most relaxed mode of communication, well-mastered is also a very effective way to reduce stress at work.

Most women who say they can’t flirt are just “don’t face” before.

So I found that Han Han and sister-in-law still have a lot in common, in fact, compared to that is the same thing.

Either you take the initiative or I take the initiative, it is important to be comfortable with yourself and enjoy the process.

I’ve said before that conservatism and hedonism can both get their own happiness, but only half of them don’t.

But most of the sisters, brainwashed by traditional education is too deep, feel that girls just can not take the initiative, the initiative is to drop the price.

“Flirt chat”

So live to be single.

You know, the so-called initiative is just a strategy for your purpose, that’s all.

Most women’s flirtation is either too introverted, speaking, can not hold the hand of the male god, thinking of the twilight has become frost.

Otherwise, it will go too far, will make men instantly disgust you, lose interest.

So how should you flirt?

At the end of the day, it’s a fight between two people.

Of course, want elegant natural flirting, first of all, based on the early chat, do a good job of showing the attraction.

as well as the appointment received the boy’s interest indicators and window information as a prerequisite.

To set expectations in the early stages, set the degree of their relationship in the reverie and development of space.

You know, once the relationship has reached the level of flirtation, raise and do well, take it directly.

If you don’t do it well, you may see you directly.

Standing at this important junction point of the “watershed” of the relationship, we should gradually raise the flirtation from the three aspects of eyes, words and limbs.

The eyes flirted

Compared to language, the original version of flirting is actually eyes.

Look at the boy you like with a smile on your face until he feels your eyes look up at you.

When he noticed, there should be a catch of the shock, with a little shyness and shyness, quickly move away from the line of sight, preferably accompanied by a small movement of hair or lips.

After 5 seconds and then look up at him, this time you can be charming, to warm, but also with a little expectation, the signal sent by the eyes is:

Hey, man is you, please come near my arms.

If you go to a bar with more foreigners in Shanghai, you’ll have that experience tonight.

When two people are alone, you can be bold and direct.

looked at him affectionately and with a smile on his face.

Learn Liang Chaowei’s eyes that seem to see the depths of each other’s pupils.

When he got up and left, he had to keep a nostalgic look and make him feel like you couldn’t take your eyes off him, and I promise he’ll be back soon because he’s enjoying your “obsessed.”

The girl in place can bite her lips slightly, hopefully, as if the child were looking away from her mother.

The important thing about flirting with your eyes is to make him feel like you’re stuck with him.

People are always addicted to other people’s feelings for him.

Words test flirting

When you are not sure whether you can physically contact and close contact with boys, first chat with him, say some more ambiguous words, but according to his acceptance to take a good balance;

Or raise the atmosphere by praising you for expressing your love for him.

The core is to release the available, and interesting, attractive, meaningful excellent qualities to enhance the attractiveness and high value.

Some girls are still more conservative, feel that the initiative to do these should be for boys to do things too cheap, in fact, not.

In the feelings, there is a law, who holds the initiative, who can be invincible.

I would like to say one question in particular here.

From the Stone Age to the present, girls have been confused.

That is: girls in love should not take the initiative?

My answer is: yes.

However, your initiative is to allow the other side to take the initiative to pursue you.

Clearly is the initiative, but also let the other side can not see that you take the initiative.

Because boys don’t like to be conquered, they like to hunt.

On the surface, the rhythm is in his hands.

In fact, every step of his life is in your hands.

Think about it, why is it girls who get hurt every time they fall in love?

It’s not because you’re passively accepting every time, passively accepting invitations, accepting confessions, accepting the feelings that boys give you.

At the end of the day, you can’t accept it, so you’re hurt.

Women are natural flirting artists.

Women flirt, the lethality is huge, the average man can not hold.

Like what:

“I’m telling you if you sneeze, someone’s thinking about you. In this way, thinking of you is also a kind of disturbance. ”

“Like a person not to break the law. Alas, if you break the law, then I certainly dare not like you, it will be nothing. ”

“Give you a magic trick, you close your eyes first.”

“Shut up… Ah… what’s the Why are you kissing me? “

Isn’t it amazing to be kissed by a beautiful woman like me for no reason?

Generally speaking, as long as in the early period of getting along, received the boy’s window indicators, indicating that he is interested in you, verbally tentative flirting, for him is very useful.

It is important to note that both flirtation and love speech, pay attention to the sense of proportion.

One less point has no taste, one more point is too greasy.

The limb touches the flirt

There are probably four common ways to touch, hold hands, hug, and kiss.

If the pre-verbal test flirtation reflects better, then it can naturally transition to physical touch.

Of course, you can also start by flirting physically. Some sisters are better at limb than speech, combined with their own advantages can be.

However, it should be noted that the scale of physical touch may not be able to grasp from the verbal test.

So in the limb touch this piece, need to follow two rules: small action test, big action pull up.

In layman’s terms, before the above four common touch methods, boys will be done some obedience tests to see whether their obedience is high or not high, resistance or acceptance. 

Touch, hold hands

It’s a sign of the level of intimacy between a man and a woman, a watershed between two people, from strange to familiar to intimate.

A boy willing to hold hands with you proves that the relationship has improved a lot.

So in holding hands this step, be sure to walk steadily, do more obedience tests and some tips.

For example, when you and the boy sit face to face, then you can take a photo of the excuse, sit next to him, close to him, see his emotional reaction, respond well, and then naturally hold his hand;

Look at each other.

When he picked up what he had handed over, he touched his finger.

Then you can boast that his fingers look good, thin and long.

At the same time as the row, then touch it down the road again.

If he doesn’t exclude, go on…

Walk side by side with the boy in the street, and if he’s walking down the street where the car is going, you can put his arm around him and remind him to walk a little inside.

In a specific scene, remind the boy “pay attention to safety, careful road slip”, the trend to hold his hand, naturally not embarrassed.

When crossing the road, first approach the boy, touch the position of his hand and then observe the traffic, naturally to pull his hand.

When crossing the road remember to pull his elbow, after crossing the road just remember to release.

Help him buckle the cuffs of his shirt.

Pull up his little arm and say, Let me see what’s in your hand.

When he tells a joke, he hides his mouth and laughs without forgetting to give him a few times.

Touch his scum and say you didn’t shave today.

These are small details of physical contact flirtation between men and women, and so on, and many more.

Hugs, kisses

After the touch and hand-holding above have been completed, the next step is to hug and kiss.

As long as you have touched the hand before the link to complete smoothly, hugging is also a matter of water.

But hugging is still a long way from kissing.

Before kissing, follow the principle of small action testing to large action pull.

You can also combine verbal tentative flirting with tips to get into a hugging and kissing situation

To get to the point of kissing, it’s important to see if the subtle, ambiguous atmosphere between the two is in place.

So creating this atmosphere cannot be ignored.

For example, before kissing, touch the boy’s hair to see if his obedience is high or not, whether to resist such touching.

When we’re together, you can touch his head and say you have a nice haircut today.

Whispering, he said it with his ear in his ear.

Then he blew a gentle breath into his ear.

The above-mentioned example of verbal flirting, let the other side close their eyes, said to perform a magic trick on him, and so he closed his eyes, careful not to kiss up, and then pretend to be innocent.

He might be caught off guard and then ask, “Shut up… Why are you kissing me? “

That’s when you can tease him and say, “Isn’t it amazing to be kissed by a beautiful woman like me for no reason?”

In general, boys won’t resist your kiss, so you can get closer.

If you feel that the atmosphere is a little subtle at this time, or if you want to continue to raise the relationship, try to test the other person with words.

Like, “Hey, I just kissed you, aren’t you going to give it back to me?” ”

With such a small way for boys to actively kiss you, not only will not expose your sense of need but also will make boys feel that you are a lovely and mysterious and attractive girl.

As long as you usually do more of this kind of flirting, boys will be particularly curious about you, looking forward to the next time you will have what kind of surprise to bring him.

When a man is curious about you, it is the beginning of his fall.

Raising flirtation is the decisive moment in the change of relationship between the two people, and it is also the most subtle, ambiguous and mind-blowing stage of a relationship.

Just like jumping a tango together, the distance and touch of the limb, the hint of the eyes to participate in the meeting, between the first step and one retreat, tacitly cooperate, complete every beautiful rotation.

Good-looking will only make you look good, and elegant flirting, but will let men can’t stop you.

In most people’s eyes, some of the flirting I mentioned above may be considered too.

What we want to say here is that we are learning to flirt, not just what many people think, to make a fool of ourselves.

It’s about unleashing our attraction and value to the men we like as much as possible.

Let him know and feel:

That’s why you should like me.

I’m so good that if you don’t come, you’ll be robbed by someone else.

It reminds me of a question my sister asked me before: Why do we love someone?

What I’m trying to say is

We want to love because we know each other and have a personal experience that will not be replicated by others.

I love you not because I happen to be a woman, you are a man.

I love you because I find myself treated like you.

And you are a unique presence in my eyes.

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