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First, the emotional state.

If you want to develop a relationship with her, it’s best to talk to her about their emotional state. Talk about how your ex-girlfriend can help you convey your attractive qualities in a short period of time, such as which woman you like and how you behave in a relationship.

Instead of simply mentioning your ex-girlfriend in the conversation, embed the wonderful part of your love story into your topic, and the ex-girlfriend is only part of your story.

“Flirt chat—-methods and skills of chatting and flirting”

Talk about ex-girlfriends to have a positive attitude, don’t say any bad things about ex-girlfriends, this is a particularly valuable behaviour for men. In any case, don’t make people feel like you’re complaining. But don’t just brag about your ex-girlfriend, it makes them feel insecure. Don’t talk too long about emotional state, too much can convey insecurity or frustration. Don’t let her talk too much about it, if she complains to you, you start moving on to the next topic.

Asking “you’ve been in love a few times before” can make the other person uncomfortable, and the way to get into a relationship can be to talk about the age of the first kiss, such as asking, “If someone asks you the age of your first kiss, how would you answer that?” ”

If the girl also asked you the first kiss age, you take the opportunity to tell your love story: “I was relatively late to fall in love, although before in class, do part-time, violin association will know a lot of girls, often go to dinner with them, go out to play, but I really like only one, she is a teacher’s sister, Gemal, I particularly like her personality, at that time chasing her boys very much.” And she is a girl who doesn’t like reading very much because she signed up for the big luck etiquette contest, needs to improve her spoken English, and then I get up every morning to accompany her to read in the morning and teach her English.

Once, I joked about “Close your eyes” and I didn’t think she was really obedient, and then I kissed her. “It’s a simple version of the story that’s just been compiled.

“Flirt chat—-methods and skills of chatting and flirting”

But it shows

(1) You are popular with girls

(2) You won’t fall in love casually

(3) You do well in your studies

(4) You are very nice to your girlfriend and so on.

In the middle you can also insert more things about you, of course, it is best to indirectly show your various advantages.

Second, talk about sex

Sexual topics can directly induce a girl’s sexual awareness, thereby increasing the likelihood of sexual behaviour with her. When you talk about sex, you have to be positive and think sex is normal, and if you can’t let go of it yourself, girls will feel unnatural.

Introducing sex topics can be about sharing your thoughts and attitudes about sex, such as when she says she’s losing weight.

“I don’t know why a lot of men like thin girls, but in my opinion, all say thin has thin bad, fat has fat bad, a thin woman looks good, fat woman is good to use, men like meat, like bones, is that it is a dog.”

“Good use means being comfortable when you’re holding up, feeling better when having sex and having meat.” Here I have to admit that “good use” is a good-looking ingredient, but the problem is that men who have experience have fond memories of sex. Men are sensory animals, my attitude towards sex is open-minded, I do not want to like other men so the so-called concept of sex hidden, as the saying goes, would rather do a frank colour, rather than do gloomy masturbation. I don’t smoke or drink, and if even women don’t like it, I’m sad. I’d rather be frank than gloomy, saying men don’t have good things. ”

Or a sex joke:

“American scientists have invented a simple way to measure IQ, you know what that’s called? Elbows, if you can put the elbows of your hands together to show that a person is smart, like this” when she does this to squeeze out the chest, you can laugh at her and say “it looks like you have a normal IQ.”

“Flirt chat—-methods and skills of chatting and flirting”

Then you can ask her, “How old are you?” ”

“22 years old, what’s wrong?”

You point to her chest and say, “I mean here your cup.” At the same time give her a bad laugh, and then joked with her: “Is there a C, I prefer a woman with a big chest.” Alas, they all say men don’t have a good thing. ” 

On the topic of kissing guide: reduce the distance between the two people’s private space, and she made and maintain strong eye contact, in the speech between her eyes and lips swept, when you sit very close, let the dialogue slowly decrease, when you are silent, said to her: “I find it really good to be with you, do not know why I am suddenly a little nervous.” “Slowly approach, looking into her eyes. When she opened her mouth again, she cut off her words, “Sh, you talk too much, do you want to kiss me?” “If she says she wants to, kiss her; if she says “don’t know (or anything else), you say “we’ll try”, and if she says no, then you say back to her, “I didn’t say you can.”

Or just ask, “What’s your kissing technique?” From 1 to 10, how many points do you give you for kissing? ”

That’s it, you can easily kiss her.

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