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How many couples because of the lack of communication led to the final parting! enough to reflect the importance of a word – “say”. Not only to say but also to say well. If two people want to be together for a long time, they must learn to speak well. After all, good words three winters warm, bad words hurt people June cold. Today’s love education teaches everyone, couples how to talk well.  

1, eat soft do not eat hard in love, it is easy to be gentle, but also easy to be irritable, especially when two people argue. When I want to say, whenever, be sure to keep gentle. Both men and women are creatures with zero resistance to tenderness. One side is gentle, the other can’t still growl. The vast majority of people are eating soft or hard, hard touch must be two defeats. Learn to be gentle learn to serve soft, two people can naturally speak well, this time the problem can be solved.  

“Flirt chat—-men and women must learn five flirting and chatting skills in love”

2. Learning to listen To A woman is usually a hidden species, so there is a special need for someone who can listen to her heart. Usually, most boys will take what the girl says as an ear wind, so she will especially cherish the person who can hear her. Lover relationship, at the beginning of the man, may go to listen carefully, and then will gradually lose patience, and even spit out the girl blind bb, if even this point can not stand, then this relationship will not last long. In the process of getting along, be sure to learn to listen, stand in her position, right or wrong to say that they will always be by her side.  

“Flirt chat—-men and women must learn five flirting and chatting skills in love”

3, equality between men and women no matter how you are outside, but in front of your lover, must be low profile, keep two people equal. And that kind of class concept of deep friends, there is no such cloud as male inferiority, of course, if you are in a special scene need role-playing that is not in today’s category. Just remember, in love, no one can be the other side like a person to order or abuse, and then angry can not say such words. 

4, exclusive love called this but need not say much, this may be two people together naturally a behavioural reaction. Because at the beginning of this relationship you want TA to be your exclusive “item”, be sure to mark yourself with a unique mark, that is, the love of TA. Love said the form as long as you both like it, is a cute or small fool, is the baby or baby, depending on the acceptance of both of you. It has to be said that those titles in love if it is not called each other, you must be full of goosebumps!  

5, appropriate humour will pull each other closer to, believe me, no girls like humour men. This can be said to attract girls a major feature. Humour in love regulates the atmosphere, and proper humour makes two people feel more relaxed. Especially for two people in a romantic relationship, you can also properly “drive”, an interesting yellow segment maybe two people’s life a good condiment Oh!  Boys must learn to speak well, master certain chat skills, not only can deepen the feelings of two people, but also enhance their social skills! Be sure not to catch up and let go of yourself, after all, the pursuit was not easy.

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