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We spent a lot of time talking to girls, for what? Is it simply to send the moment, or want to touch each other closely, if your intention is the latter, I think you need to look at this article.

How to transition from verbal to physical touch with girls?

First, how to physically touch the girl.

“Flirt chat—-how to flirt with girls in chat? Learn these ways to enjoy your body and mind”

1, quipped negative

Say some quipped to deny the girl, for example, she is wearing clothes like an animal and so on, the degree of negation is not too high, with a more humorous method, so that the other side can “laugh and hit you” so that the other side actively initiate physical touch. Like what:

Your card is like a piglet all the time

How do the clothes you wear today look like bees all the time, buzzing?

2, the game

Be able to choose to help girls hand-to-hand, when girls tried to give her a brief massage method and girls touch.

3, take care of

Cross the road when holding hands, pay attention to the girl’s mood, if too shy to hold the wrist, rainy day when the umbrella around the girl’s waist, eat to help get things off the face.

The whole process should be very natural, the eyes completely do not look at their own movements, let the other side feel that you do not seem to have any other meaning.

“Flirt chat—-how to flirt with girls in chat? Learn these ways to enjoy your body and mind”

4, laugh

When talking about the day, in the right atmosphere and topic, pat each other on the head, make each other’s hair, just like the treatment of animals.

The negativity attached to this behaviour is: “You don’t see you like a girl, you see you like an animal.”

Second, verbal warm-up.

Before the meeting, be able to talk on WeChat or the phone when the words move in and out so that when the meeting is a real movement in the other side in the subconscious will also bear.

When talking about the day, be able to send some touch, hug, massage itch and other expressions, accompanied by some playful words. For example, the girl said fat again, you can reply “I think the meat feels the most comfortable” perhaps “how fat, I can hold it.”

Third, the key to the first movement of the limb. 

1, when touching girls, be sure to give each other a reason to be touched, so that she can convince themselves. For example: “look at the hand” is a game, “cross the road hand in hand” is a kind of care.

2, touch, do not give the other side to rebuff the opportunity, no matter what you want to do, very natural to do, let her feel: “people so natural, if the rebuff, but it will appear I am very strange.” ”

3, with negative. Can be the negation of words, can also be the negation of the deity, which has three intentions, one is to make your behaviour less intentional;

Depending on the occasion and method, the above-mentioned move can have two effects (perhaps not at the same time): one is to bring the two people closer together, to prepare for further touch;

Fourth, according to each other’s reaction to adjust

1, girls reflect very naturally

Your degree of progress girls she can completely bear, can use a deeper method and girls into the trek, further obedience test, see if girls will also bear.

2, girls strong dress natural

Girls have been a little disordered, in a rigid mind is just hard to support, continue to use the same level of in-forward methods to tease girls, the other side will soon be unable to fight.

3, slightly unnast but did not rebuff

People’s hearts have been uncertain, as long as you continue to maintain a natural calm posture can, she saw your posture will be more disordered. Do not need to keep moving, otherwise, the other side may feel bad, but can use words to flirt with her, such as: “Your face is not red.”

“Flirt chat—-how to flirt with girls in chat? Learn these ways to enjoy your body and mind”

4, faint rebuff

Measure that people are not interested in you, the previous steps first do a good job, do not worry about contact with girls into the move.

5, fierce rebuff

Either people are negative about you from the beginning, or her character is more isolated. Leave her, this girl doesn’t suit you.

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