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Stealing concepts

Stealing concept refers to the logical error of changing the meaning of a word in a particular context by replacing one concept with another.

“Flirt chat—-how to enter the ambiguous stage gracefully”

Simply put, it’s about using out-of-context methods to deliberately distort the real thoughts of others and steal concepts that look the same.

While chatting, we can use this logical concept to flirt and quickly close the relationship.

In the case that begins with the article, for example, the boy asks: Have you eaten yet?

The normal answer is “eat” or “don’t eat.”

So how do we answer that by using the concept of stealing?

You can say, “How?” Do you want to invite me to dinner? ”

This is misinterpreted after the concept of stealing, the other side of the original simple greeting, stealing into a pre-invitation test.

Similar answers can be used in the “What are we doing?” “What are you doing on vacation?” “What are you going to do for the New Year?” issues.

The advantage of doing so is that not only an active chat atmosphere, to create a pair of you come to me ambiguous atmosphere, more importantly, you released their own access to each other, but also a disguised ambiguous test.

If the other person can take you over and make an offer, then the other person has an idea for you to further develop, and you can begin to flirt more clearly and promote the next step in the relationship.

But if the boy’s feedback to you is more plain and polite, basically out of polite reply, or simply skip the topic.

At this point, you should know that the other person’s like you is far from enough, suggested that the choice of appropriate stop is better, temporarily do not rush to promote the relationship, you can continue to cultivate a chat atmosphere.

“Flirt chat—-how to enter the ambiguous stage gracefully” 


Express your favourite state

“Expressing likes” is an important ambiguous sign that allows the other person to quickly see your access.

But the point here is that “expressing likes” doesn’t mean “expressing a confession,” so don’t say the result, but express your state to the other person.

For example, there was such a clip in the Korean film Poisoning on The World.

When the hostess and the man had a picnic, the hostess took the man with her to recall the previous two people’s time alone, and the hostess said:

“It’s strange to always think of that day, you come, I may be happy, give me cans also happy, flowers are also, a little not marginal, but also happy, and then think of these always laugh.”

Isn’t there a word that doesn’t mention “I love you”, but sentences are expressing their love?

The result of this is that the man listens to the stunned, the heart, the total fall, and then the confession.

So, you see that? Expressing your feelings is not to say “I like you” to the other person, but to say your own state.

For example, the Little Prince says:

“You come at four o’clock in the afternoon, so from three o’clock, I start to feel happy. The closer the time is, the happier I will be. ”

This is also a typical state of expression, to convey to the other side “waiting for you to come to the process is enough to fill my heart with joy” as the state.

For example,

“I’m very happy to be able to eat good food with you today.” It’s also expressing a state of love – not with someone else, but with you, so I’m happy.

Also, “the thought of seeing you tomorrow is a little happy”, “I don’t know why the mind always appears the last time you opened the door for me” and so on are also to express their feelings of love to each other.

Speaking of which, it is estimated that someone will ask, this also did not say anything specific ah, men can feel it?

Don’t worry about these words at all, don’t forget that they’re ordinary but they’re confident, they’ve long been able to reason out from your only words that you like their “facts”, and that’s enough to drive them to take the initiative.

As for what the truth really is, we didn’t say anything, everything was your own guess, wasn’t it?

Finally, I would like to say that ambiguity is, in the final analysis, a balance of power.

If you get too much, you’ll make the other person think you’re at your finger table, and you’ll be unattractive to him.

But if it’s too low, it makes him think you’re a very unattainable person who has no chance to develop a romantic relationship with him, and he won’t think about it.

So even if we have entered the ambiguous stage, we must learn to weigh the proportions.

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