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In addition to their own like girls WeChat at that moment, I think no one is not excited unhappy, in the chat can also make girls happy, but do not know how to bring the girl’s heart feeling. How do I talk to girls? Flirting techniques to make girls blush!

“Flirt chat—-how to chat with girls”

First, the rational use of the cold reading emotion method

In psychology there is such a method – cold reading is to grasp the other person’s mind, say the other person’s mind, to achieve psychological resonance with the other side of interpersonal communication, in general, fortune-telling is cold reading.

And cold reading emotion method is in the chat, through the girl’s dres’s style, speech characteristics, mood swings, chat content and other information, to judge them.

The purpose of this practice is not to ask you to guess 100% of the information about girls, but to have a certain amount of initiative in the dialogue, so that girls gradually open their hearts to you, for your follow-up chat to provide more valuable information. For example, and girls chat about the topic of personality, you can say to her: “Some girls on the surface are very strong look, in fact, the heart is also very weak.”

When the girl does not love you, because your attraction is not enough, this time you will change yourself, let oneself become attractive again, and then suddenly appear in front of her, to save her heart, I did not understand these before, resulting in my girlfriend and I broke up, I also dead skin face to save, and finally can be imagined, discouraged on the Internet to find a variety of recovery skills, and then inadvertently read the “North Palace Rainze Counter-Attack” this e-book, really good from the theory, Analysis of the psychology of girls, I just by the method inside to save my girlfriend. Want to see the brothers Baidu check “North Palace Yuze counter-attack” there is an e-book, the most magical place is the inside of the attack, let you simply rely on chat can take the girl.

“Flirt chat—-how to chat with girls”

If she agrees, you can continue to say: “Chat with you I find you are always very optimistic, encounter unhappy things in the heart of their own slow digestion, never vent to others do not want to affect the mood of others.” ”

When she sees this, she has emotional ups and downs, and she feels like you’re the one who really knows her and knows her.

A good chat dialogue is a need for emotional communication, if you can not master a certain skill, even if there are the same hobbies of two people will not necessarily chat very well, so to know how to use chat skills to drive her emotions.

Second, guide girls to chat method

Girls are naturally fond of male leadership, and in life and chat, girls are more likely to favour men with male leaders. And girls like gossip, like to show their own emotional views, there is also a point is that girls are dominated by emotions, like to express their emotions and emotions, do not like rational dialogue.

We can create attraction by telling stories to show our emotions. Guide girls to pay more attention to you. For example, girls say today to work so tiredly, today is not happy ah, if you tell girls: “so tired, have a good rest” 

1, the use of keyword chat

Such a dialogue, how do you let girls answer? “Oh, well, thank you for your concern, then I’ll rest, see you again!” Is that so? Do you want to have a good chat? So this time we need to extract from the chat “keywords” such as “work” is the keyword, “very tired” “unhappy” is also a keyword, to expand the content of the keyword, such as:

“Is that right?” I feel like I didn’t go to work today. ”

“Did your boss crush you?”

“Why are you unhappy?” Who’s messing with you, tell me to beat him up for you. ”

Here will be said to guide girls to say their emotions, in the chat on the girl’s experience and must give timely comfort, if the girl’s window is better, perhaps you can invite girls.

“Flirt chat—-how to chat with girls”

2, chat to create curiosity

The same girl said “tired at work” to tell the emotional thing, we can create curiosity in the chat, such as:

“Is that right?” I’m not going to work today. ”

“Guess what I did today and laugh at me.”

“Are you tired?” I met today something I’ll never forget in my life. ”

Your words create countless topic points, and each topic is a question so that girls have the curiosity to ask you questions.

Women are curious, how do you feel like you’re not at work? What funny thing did you do today? What memorable things have you encountered? Then you give the girls answers, and then you direct them to the topic you want to talk about. Guide girls to chat, let girls in the chat unknowingly follow their own chat rhythm so that girls feel that you have endless words to talk about.

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