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Many people, in reality, dare not communicate with the opposite sex, it is not convenient to invite girls directly, but we can use Whatsapp and girls flirt, let her promise to come out to meet. Here’s a way to chat and flirt with girls on Whatsapp, so she can’t wait to see you.

“Flirt chat—-how to chat and flirt with girls”

1, flirt with girls to seize the opportunity

At the beginning of contact with girls, it is best not to send too explicit flirting messages, which will only give girls the impression of a wretched man. Flirting is not a hooligan, girls like ambiguous flirting, do not like to be harassed by hungry men. This will only scare the girl away, blackened by her or scold you.

“Flirt chat—-how to chat and flirt with girls”

2. Flirting with girls is best before going to bed at night

Let’s not go into flirting mode anytime, anywhere, after all, girls have their own business to be busy with. If you disturb her at work, you won’t bother to talk to her even if you like her again. The best flirting time is at night, which is the most easily empty and lonely cold moment.

Many brothers and sisters chat, sister’s response is not good, because your chat did not arouse the interest of girls, resulting in girls feel that chatting with you is not interesting, slowly will not return to you, or even black you. I used to often see this situation, and then on Whatsapp found a small program, called stupid boy secret, whenever and girls chat, I open this small program, but the girl’s words into a search, it automatically told me how to reply to girls, there are a lot of chat cases and sister-in-law tutorial can learn, now I chat with girls, a chat, a lot of have been brought home, you understand. 

3, flirting with girls should be gradual, as follows:

before flirting. First create a hazy and ambiguous atmosphere, such as “Hey, I suddenly think of you.” ” I had a dream last night as if you were the heroine. ” “It’s been annoying lately, you’re always hovering in my head. I can’t concentrate on my work anymore. “I miss you a little.” I can’t wait to see you, now, right now.

After sending the message, wait patiently for his reply. Plan your next topic based on her responses. Remember not to talk about too wretched topics, don’t be confused by it.

Whatsapp chat paves the way for you to further develop, so appropriate but unclear compliments are necessary. For example, you can reply to her and say you can talk to her later about last night’s dream, but it’s a bit of a dream Oh, “Don’t speak too clearly at this time, you can be ambiguous, it’s the ambiguous atmosphere.” A bold description is a weapon that can only be taken out after you have laid the emotional floor.

At this time girls do not hate you, you can talk more deeply about the topic. But do not worry, otherwise, girls will think you play hooligans, flirting should be layer by layer, deepening, to achieve the effect of doing more than half the effort.

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