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Everyone said, and like the girl chat, as long as will say good love words, will certainly harvest the girl’s good feelings, but this sweet, not only will say good love words so simple but at the same time, can also add humour feelings, in this atmosphere to flirt with girls, catch up with her is simply easy to back.

“Flirt chat—-clever “flirting” is a skill that every man must learn”

Just and like the girl chat, must have a sense of the picture, otherwise only a few boring words, certainly can not mobilize the girl’s mood, that in the chat with the girl, how to flirt better? Today, the editor-in-chief to share three sets of love words, after learning, minutes to make her amused, and even laugh to close their mouths.

In fact, chasing girls is the most difficult is to chat, can not chat with girls can not make friends, can not open the girl’s emotional lock. 1, and girls chat flirting words: sweet words

Woman: It’s a little cold outside today

Man: There’s a way to warm up when it’s cold

Woman: What’s the solution?

Man: Put me in your heart

Sweet love words, in fact, everyone likes to listen to, so in the pursuit of girls, honest people to learn to boldly say sweet words to her, because love words in love are also one of the ways of flirting, all say that girls are listening to love animals, as long as you say, good love, nature can let her miss you, even dream will think of you.

“Flirt chat—-clever “flirting” is a skill that every man must learn”

2, chat with girls flirting words: miskindled hints

Woman: I’m going to take a bath

M: Wait

Woman: Why

Man: I’m afraid I won’t wash with you if I can’t control myself

Want to let girls like you, first of all, you have to learn to give your love to girls, feelings girls have always been shyer, want to close the relationship, only you take the initiative to attack, so in the chat, appropriate melt in some naughty hints, mouth sweet, let her feel your vitality, time, will slowly fall in love with you. 

3, and girls chat flirting words: deliberately misinterpreted

Woman: Where do you live?

Man: Is it not good to go to my house so soon?

True humour of the boy, not in the chat can be a topic after a topic of conversation, but in the chat can continue to bring the girl a happy feeling, so the simplest way is to create a humorous atmosphere, in the chat using deliberately misinterpreted the girl’s meaning to interact, act relaxed, let her know you are joking, but at the same time very ambiguous, such interaction can attract her more, as long as learn this skill, no matter how can let her laugh.

Feelings, as long as learn to flirt, no matter how difficult to catch up with the girl, will slowly move on your heart, because the ambiguous and sweet atmosphere, will let the girl always reminisce and chat with you when the scene, usually will certainly not help but find you chat, and even will haunt you.

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