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In a relationship, a man is the active asylum party and a woman is a passive recipient. Men are usually self-centred, while women are actually male-centric.

“Flirt chat—-3 ways of flirting and chatting

Women in the subconscious are always compared to come and go, always want to love the man and other things on the high and low. Men are often dominant in relationships, especially in the first pursuit.

With the deepening of communication, the relationship gradually upgraded, some men began to psychological decline, into a child role, and the initiative into the hands of women. This part of the man’s pursuit of the road mostly failed, when giving up the lead, talk and talk can no longer be funny, the initial charm also gradually lost the glory.

How exactly can you successfully move through skill in the advanced stages of a relationship, and keep the dominance firmly in your own hands, this article will unlock the secrets of the art of speech for you.

1. Learn to guide the topic

It’s not up to you to say what you say first, it’s up to you to decide what the conversation is. Because once women have their own judgment, most of them don’t agree with your conversational style. Your attitude and level of speech directly affect what kind of personality you are in her mind, and women are best at the association.

You need to be polite at the beginning of the conversation, which will allow women to automatically circle you within the scope of a gentleman’s style. At least make a woman willing to sit down and talk to you quietly, and don’t let her think you’re eager to get something. But in the course of the conversation, you can jump out of the way and even make some jokes.

Even if you don’t know how to start a topic, don’t focus on yourself first. Don’t introduce yourself in full, guide her to tell her own story is the best choice. The best way is to ask some questions first, to bring the topic to the woman, and you can better grasp the conversation by observing her answer first.

“Flirt chat—-3 ways of flirting and chatting

2. Have a halo of the main character in the chat

If she initiates another heterosexuality, don’t take her word for it.

For example, she said, “One of my predecessors liked to be late, but I just didn’t like to wait again and again.” ”

At this point, if you say, “You can rest assured, I won’t be late.” ”

It’s like an act of eagerness to bring a topic to herself, she won’t focus on you, but the topic will end up going. That is to say, you just say dead a topic.

Since she mentions a predecessor, you follow one of her predecessors as a point of discussion. You can also bring some teasing ingredients.

Example: “Late is not a good thing, at work to be passed by the boss, in love, you missed the twilight.”

When a woman mentions that one of her predecessors made her wait many times, it was meant to be derogatory. You said the boss may spank him, which made him laugh, as we said earlier, women are good at the association. You say that she will automatically brain that picture, you are equivalent to helping her out of gas. Second, it would have been impossible for an adult to be spanked by an irrelevant person. But once a woman’s brain is replenished, she will automatically devalue the image that the man retains in her mind.

“Flirt chat—-3 ways of flirting and chatting

You also said, late in love, missed the opportunity to face you towards the twilight. This silently focuses her attention on you, knowing that you may now be the object of her future twilight. On the surface, although you don’t mention yourself, in fact in the female, she understands this obscure ambiguity.

3. The powerful ambiguous words of the gas field

“The Lightness of Unbearable Life” reads: In the love poems of all generations, women have always longed to bear the weight of a man’s body. As a result, the heaviest burden has also become the strongest vitality of the image.

As stated earlier, men are always the ones who take the initiative, so don’t procrastinate or cringe. Even if it’s a little closer to flirting words, saying a little in moderation will automatically plunge a woman into a vortex of pre-establishing emotional relationships. 

To put it simply, some of your teasing languages will let the woman know that you’re talking to her, and she’ll naturally make you the object of your relationship. Proper flirting will make you attractive.

You know it’s one thing to be considerate, a woman will be shy in front of you to prove that you and she have the possibility to continue. So you want her to feel shy in love when she’s with you.

For example, she said, “When I’m tired at work, I get used to taking a bath and then getting a good night’s sleep when I get home.” ”

You can say: “Then you come home not tired when you are not used to thinking of me.” ”

Such a statement is a bit preconsecond, but women will be very useful. She can even think of what you said the next day when she gets home, and then continues to be shy again.

Also, men must be strong, and a man who obeys the wishes of women in everything is weakened.

Conversely, if a man is full of confidence, he can easily become a woman’s desire and dependence.

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