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Many girls will ask me this question: and boyfriend for a period of time, found that two people more and more have nothing to say, do not know how to do.

Today’s article is an answer to the problem for the girls who are troubled by this question.

“My boyfriend is being distant—-why my boyfriend doesn’t want to chat with me any more”


Men’s love is a points reduction system, women’s love is a plus-point system.

In the later stages of love, there is often a phenomenon: that is, you find that your boyfriend actively chats with you less and less frequently, even if you take the initiative to open the topic, his reply is very few, and sometimes even chat on the missing person.

This is because men in love is a points reduction system, women in love is a plus system.

When chasing you, full of enthusiasm, there are fun things can not help but share with you, when you are in great need;

At this time, you have endless topics to talk about the day, everything is perfect, so you were moved, you promised his pursuit, become his girlfriend, the intersection of the two people step by step deepened, when he became more and more familiar with you, the points began.

It turns out you’re not as perfect as he thought, your little temper, your way, or even your meals are not good enough to be deducted.

“My boyfriend is being distant—-why my boyfriend doesn’t want to chat with me any more”

Over time, men’s enthusiasm for you has declined.

I know you’ve turned yourself into less like yourself to compound, and you often wonder what went wrong and why the promises you made before aren’t counted? Why is he suddenly so cold to me? Your inner shock waves no one understands, but it doesn’t matter, here, there are a lot of people like you to find happiness, as long as click on the small card to consult the teacher, I believe you will also be one of my compound success students, not only that, you will become more mature and rational, whether in the field or the workplace, here you need to grow up dry goods. 


The central question is whether there is love or not.

Why do you care so much about him suddenly becoming reluctant to talk to you about it? This is because your sense of security begins to lack and your heart begins to doubt the stability of the relationship.

Let’s give you an example.

When parents send us messages, we sometimes delay reply, even do not reply, will not think this is a big deal, because we are determined, understand, the family loves themselves, will not abandon themselves, will not because there is no timely reply to us on the bad impression.

Chatting with your boyfriend is the same thing, and the reason you’re worried and scared is essential because you have doubts about your boyfriend’s love for you.

“My boyfriend is being distant—-why my boyfriend doesn’t want to chat with me any more”

So, nothing to say is a problem at all, the core question is that there is nothing to say on both sides – is there love?

When you are sure that the other person loves you, there is nothing to say about the tacit understanding between the two sides.

When you’re not sure the other person loves you, nothing is the last straw to crush a camel.

In fact, the compound method is different from person to person, an answer is not 10,000 people’s compound trouble, if your compound is always not the way, you can now click on the small card to consult the teacher, teach you the more convenient compound way.


So what is love without words? For example:

You tell the other person, “The two of us seem to have become untested over this time.” ”

The other person would say, “Isn’t it?” Then tell me what you’ve been interested in lately, and I’ll do more to understand and create a topic. ”

For someone who still loves each other, when you say something without a topic, you just ring the alarm bell in his heart and start trying to figure out how to make a difference in your situation.

In a state of no love and no words, dialogue is often like this:

“There doesn’t seem to be anything to say between me and you this day, “Don’t think too much about it.” ”

Therefore, we must first make it clear that there is no “love” between you, to medicine for the disease.

If love is dissipated, there is nothing to say but to speed up the process. If two people love each other deeply, it’s not a problem not to chat for a while.

I’m not afraid that the other person doesn’t like me, so I don’t need to keep chatting to get the other person’s approval. Are you going to screw it up if you don’t have anything to say? If I have a strong sense of security in my heart, the feedback from the other person will not affect my judgment either way.

On the contrary, if you have been afraid of “messing up” and constantly attract attention, seeking the other side’s approval, forced to create a topic, but will give themselves points.

If you are really in a loving relationship, how can you be afraid to say nothing? It’s not something to worry about at all.

But a lot of people’s problem is always in self-doubt, not together when doubt whether they have a play, whether the other side recognized themselves;

This self-doubt in the eyes of the other side is always minus points, and the more points are reduced more and more doubt, thus falling into an endless negative cycle, and finally can only be dumped by the other side.

What’s even more frightening is that if a person is deeply insecure, even if two people have something to say, ta can find countless other “means” to destroy good feelings, such as:

How did you answer my phone and talk for three minutes?

You didn’t tell me good night last night.

You’re going to make me happy, aren’t you a sister-in-law before?

See, the inner insecure person, no matter what the other party, can find countless reasons to doubt the other side, the normal love to be gone.

So in feelings, the biggest enemy is always yourself.

We fall in love, not only with each other, but also with their own, and their own past collection of talk, and even with all their own shortcomings and weaknesses.

Girls who know how to repair themselves and reflect on themselves are often better able to develop the “ability to love” and reap real happiness.

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