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The biggest difference between cold and not love is that: cold period is only temporary emotional ups and downs, and not love is a direct precursor to breaking up. Reflected in the specific performance, mainly reflected in these two points:

1. Partners in the cold period, although less time to communicate, but still have mood swings, even for the partner accompanied by strong negative emotions;

2 .Cold period of the partner, although less interaction with each other, still think that they are another object, will assume the corresponding obligations and responsibilities; Although you don’t want to see this person at all, you’ll still feel strongly unhappy because the person is angry, and you’ll feel strongly about some of this person’s performance. But between the lovers who don’t love, even these feelings are not: you go out why casually, and I have nothing to do with, you want to do anything, as long as you don’t do things for me; With the problem, we do not need to communicate, just let it go and stay.

“My boyfriend is being distant—-want to know how to distinguish between the period of cold love and no love?”

But if you do not quarrel, do not speak, what you do this person actually does not matter, although you do not rush, you have to be careful: this person has no longer care about you, how do you want to have nothing to do with this person. I sincerely suggest that you take a good look at the relationship and reflect on whether it is necessary to continue when the following happens to you:

1. Long-term non-communication does not communicate, the other side for each time you ask questions with an evasive attitude, do not want to face the problem.

“My boyfriend is being distant—-want to know how to distinguish between the period of cold love and no love?” 

2. The other person starts to pull away from your life, socializing without seeing any trace of you, and not asking about your life. 3. When you feel uncomfortable and feel that there is something wrong with your relationship, your reaction is no longer to have to ask the other person a clear question but to drag the question and let it go. You see, when you don’t love, you both have chosen to pull back, you are not willing to face the problem, you have adopted an evasive posture.

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