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Many people will have this experience, a relationship at the beginning, two people want to be tired of together all the time.

Later, as time went on, the feelings of the two men seemed to become different and entered a cold period.

This is because the two sides of the middle contact for a long time, resulting in each other are very understanding, perhaps the topic of both sides also did not have the initial understanding of the familiarity, that is, the mystery, without the mystery after entering a very bland world.

At this time, often the other person will lose interest in you, and the same, you may lose interest in the other person.

But we all know that in love women are constantly doing additions, and men are constantly subtracting.

A relationship encountered a cold period, often men’s attitudes first changed. 

“My boyfriend is being distant—-my boyfriend is very cold to me recently. Is it a sign of breaking up?”

We all know that cold feeling are very dangerous, and mishandling them at this time is likely to lead to break-ups.

So what do we do? First of all, let’s analyze why boyfriends are getting colder and colder to you.

After falling in love, you only have him in your eyes

Many women have boyfriends in their eyes after falling in love.

With honey, friends and another contact less, life always revolves around each other.

I hope he’s always with you.

Some women fall in love, always hope that boyfriends can always accompany them, but in fact, everyone needs to have their own space.

If you want to be with each other all the time, he may be farther and farther away from you.

Don’t know how to think differently

There is a good saying: people are selfish, the first consideration is their own interests, in the feelings of the same.

In a relationship, if you always only care about their feelings, over time the other side will feel that you are not considerate at all, feel too tired to get along with you, and thus slowly indifferent to you.

“My boyfriend is being distant—-my boyfriend is very cold to me recently. Is it a sign of breaking up?”

His love for you is disappearing.

If a man doesn’t love a woman so much, he will snub the other person and don’t want to talk and communicate.

Because the heart has not too deep feelings, nature will not care about each other’s feelings.

A relationship fades, there is always a reason.

It could be a loss of freshness, or it could be that he wants to break up.

So calm yourself down first and think about what’s most likely to happen.

So what are you going to do in the face of your boyfriend’s cold attitude?

Learn to feel safe for yourself

As the saying goes: “By the mountains will fall, by the water will flow, by everyone will run.” ”

No one can be your forever haven in this life, only you are your permanent haven.

The sense of security that rests on others is a sense of security that you cannot control, and he has the right to take it back at any time, for your good and your security.

Prolonged cravings and dependences only make you more addicted, so give yourself the capital to take charge.

Women, the best sense of security, are their own!

Improve your personal self-attractiveness

Love is a matter for two people, two people, together for a long time, inevitably will produce aesthetic fatigue.

And to maintain the stability of a relationship, which attracts each other is essential.

And between lovers, only when your charm increases, you will be more value in men.

So in love, to give each other the right private space, learn the appropriate little woman a little, cultivate their own interests and hobbies.

“My boyfriend is being distant—-my boyfriend is very cold to me recently. Is it a sign of breaking up?”

Apologize promptly when you realize your mistake.

One of the most effective love techniques is to recognize mistakes promptly and to apologize sincerely.

Although you are a couple, you can no longer be like a little princess, everything right or wrong to let each other coax you.

Because in the emotional cold period, will produce a more tired mood, if it is your fault to sincerely apologize, do not let the other side be disappointed.

Finally, we should know how to stop loss in time.

You know, in the feelings if always unilaterally pay, over time, will not only make themselves physically and mentally exhausted but also can not keep the people who want to keep.

In fact, the best love should be the two sides pay together, together with inclusive.

If he really has no love for you and doesn’t want to work hard for your love, then know how to stop in time.

Stop-loss in time is the wisest choice because only two people love each other, so that is the most should be in love.

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