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Every couple from the encounter – know each other – love, will experience from hot to cold state, because you need a little bit of contact, understanding each other, in the process of slowly familiar with each other, is what we call the love period.

When you learn to a certain extent, his curiosity about you fades, just as the economic principle of diminishing marginal benefits is, and the contradictions that you have been covering up before will slowly emerge.

Lose freshness

You get along for half a year, he knows you more deeply, so you lack freshness, the specific performance is that he does not care about your daily life this, chat is also perfunctory you.

“My boyfriend is being distant—-my boyfriend is indifferent to me and doesn’t care about me, but he doesn’t break up. Why”

There are two ways to solve this problem, one is to give him freshness again, and the other is to use common goals instead of freshness.

The first is simple, you can go through something new with him, or talk about something new, the second is to find common interests, set a common goal, such as saving money to buy a car, get a higher education, etc., in short, set a goal to work together to achieve. 

The way we get along.

This is a problem that all couples have to go through, the so-called run-in period, in fact, is a compromise of each other’s living habits. Just as he likes to be independent and you stick to people, this is a conflict of your character that requires some compromise from each other before it can be resolved.

There is no sense of control over demand

Do you think asking him directly why he didn’t break up and get the answer he wants? Certainly not, you asked is also a white question, will only put him under more pressure.

From your description, you like him very much, but the way you deal with emotional problems is not right, when you encounter problems to go to him a hard bar, and finally hurt yourself.

“My boyfriend is being distant—-my boyfriend is indifferent to me and doesn’t care about me, but he doesn’t break up. Why”

For example, he said that there are many differences and contradictions between you, you do not want to know what contradictions, how to solve, but ask why not break up, do not see you have the mind to solve the problem.

Women want love for a long time, then you always have their own independent life and social circle, you can rely on men, but can not become their appendages, otherwise, your value will slowly disappear, once you lose their own value, then no matter how you beg, no matter how good to him, will not stay men.

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