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Men are suddenly cold to you, often handling different situations in different ways.

Some people think it’s a form of boredom with them;

Some women think that men may focus on their careers;

Sometimes, however, it is possible to be in strategic cold violence.

How to distinguish the cold factor is crucial, once the situation leads to misjudgment, the consequences must be painful.

In general, a man’s coldness is not without reason, analysis of the motivation behind his reasons can be drugged, next to say, several types of cold:

“My boyfriend is being distant—-men suddenly cold to you, the truth is only three”

1, the intimacy slipped

For this situation must be clear two different phenomena.

The first is that in the relationship into the late stages of communication, the two sides have been missing a sense of freshness, and then into the run-in period relatively speaking, the decline in intimacy is a relatively normal phenomenon.

But the other is that men get tired of you, run away, get emotional, and so on.

It becomes clear that your close relationship with him maybe marginalized, that is, the current man is beginning to have no feelings for you, and may begin to have plans to break up, the two sides have a taste of play.

For this situation, it is necessary to know whose problem this is, if it is his problem, then there is no way, you can only let him go, for the change of heart, it is very difficult to change.

But if your problem is relatively large, then this time to adjust the relationship, you have to find reasons in their own body, for example, whether there is a communication problem.

I see a lot of girls, prefer to conflict with two people, the initiative to question and retort.

For example, “I am wrong, but you…”, more word terms adverse communication, for the other side has the taste of attack, long-term communication will easily form pressure.

In this situation, more learning relationship adjustment and communication methods between men and women is the fundamental solution to the problem.

of cold:

“My boyfriend is being distant—-men suddenly cold to you, the truth is only three”

2, personal reasons

Why do I often say that when something goes wrong, it’s best to communicate and listen, because you need to entice your core values, in which case the other person will reveal them?

Why say that men after the age of thirty do not smile, that is the case, because a lot of life pressures make them like to put their hearts and mind.

Girls as a man’s partner, listening at the right time is very important, then what time is the most likely to produce effective communication, it must be in two people is a more relaxed and happy state.

Don’t question a man when he’s busy, it’s not conducive to emotional communication.

of cold:

“My boyfriend is being distant—-men suddenly cold to you, the truth is only three”

And don’t ask a man when he’s in trouble, because a man can potentially feel like you’re giving him a lot of pressure.

Therefore, the choice of timing is very important, everyone has a personal reason, at the right time, gives the right care, easy to tell the truth.

This is also why I said two people must get along with the sincere, because after all, is not in love, we you set the way I set you, maybe to enjoy some. But in long-term relationships, if you don’t show up in good faith at first, it’s often easy to distrust later in communication.

For example, physical defects, personality defects, or debt and so on, these problems, must be in the middle of the communication to account clearly, so that more conducive for two people to reach a tacit understanding.

There is a tacit understanding, then is the best communication, generally speaking, two people say nothing, open-door, the relationship will be relatively good. 

3, cold violence

This situation is more complex, about this point in the previous article the teacher has done a specific detailed analysis for everyone. Let’s talk a little more briefly.

How can I recover from a cold and violent break-up with my boyfriend?

For cold violence, it’s not as simple as coldness, for men, he doesn’t ignore you but has a strategy to control you.

Let’s say he’s making a small mistake by swearing at you or insulting you for no reason.

Hey, you’re going to fight back?

It’s no use, he immediately ignores you, lets you get caught up in self-doubt, you need to think about his careful thinking and small ideas all the time, for fear that the next time will make him unhappy, this situation will be very much the mental high and female low situation.

You are afraid, then you can only stay in this strange circle, can not grasp the initiative.

In this case, must not accommodate, to take a bit of posture, you have to understand that in this world two people get along is relatively equal, if he is not right you are the favourite person, then do not hesitate to leave him, find less suffering. But for this kind of person, it is not the worst.

And, of course, there’s a fighter we call scum.

Generally speaking, if a girl meets such a person basically half of his life happiness will be destroyed, scum male fighter basic use is cold violence to blackmail and control you.

He knows how big your heart is, knows the extent to which you can tolerate it, and he will use his desire to keep you guiding more youthful money and energy into him, and finally become a yellow-faced woman, and then make excuses to get rid of it.

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