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Many girls have such experience, boys are very enthusiastic when chasing girls, once established, they start to become cold, especially after having sex. When you first started to love, you have frequent phone calls and lots of topics to talk about. Usually, he contacts you actively. Once you have established a relationship, you contact him actively. Sometimes you call him. He also says that you influence his study and his work. It will make you more anxious. Our relationship will also fall into a circle of cold to blind thinking, questioning, quarrelling and finally colder.

“My boyfriend is being distant—-boyfriends are getting colder and colder? Teach you three moves“

What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?

First, you should be aware of avoiding discussing similar things with friends. Remember what I said in previous articles about the difference between men and women? Women like to think about problems from the perspective of women, and more importantly, women will strengthen their negative ideas with each other so that only the relationship between you and your boyfriend will be worse and worse. There is even worse – betrayal from friends. Many girls are taken away by their friends. Fire and theft prevention friends. 

Secondly, we should look at men from the perspective of men. As I said in previous articles. Evolutionary psychology has made a detailed explanation for the differences between men and women. In ancient times, men were responsible for hunting and bringing the prey to their wives and children. So what they wanted from their blood was the pleasure of chasing prey and the achievement of completing their tasks. Women are mainly responsible for picking. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a fresh sense between the sexes. Often arrange some different activities, or wear some clothes, clothes that have not been worn before, and change some hairstyles that have not been used before.

“My boyfriend is being distant—-boyfriends are getting colder and colder? Teach you three moves“

Finally, learn to close your mouth. Evolutionary psychology has explained that men hunt, so men are used to silence. Because once there are more men’s words, they will scare their prey. And women are responsible for picking, picking when nothing to do, naturally is constant chat. So women say five to ten times more than men every day. For men, it’s so annoying. Men like to say what they have, they hate it, hear something without a clue and no logic.

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