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We already know that differences in thinking patterns between men and women due to differences in the structure and activity of their brains often lead to conflicts between men and women in love.

“My boyfriend is being distant—-boyfriend is inexplicable suddenly cold how to do?”

In love, boys always expect the wrong way, girls can think and communicate the way they do, and girls always mistakenly expect boys to feel and communicate the way she does.

But even in intimate relationships, it’s just a “you, I’m me” state.

This is particularly evident in the face of emotional processing.

When a man clearly displays feelings of sadness and depression, it is usually a time when he wants to be alone and silent, while a woman cannot understand this pull-out and refusal to connect, is eager to get involved, wants to share his sadness, wants to solve the trouble for him.

But men say they want to be quiet, and they really just want to be quiet.

When women face pressure, a time will be overwhelmed, easy to emotional, they will instinct instinctually open their hearts, to those close to her to confide in her grievances, her sadness, where she wants to go, say where to vent her collapse and uneasiness.

“My boyfriend is being distant—-boyfriend is inexplicable suddenly cold how to do?” 

For the first time, they are not in a hurry to solve the current problem, but first to say the real feelings, arouse the understanding and resonance of others, and then accept practical advice and guidance.

Men are different, men have a “cave”, he encountered pressure, he quickly into it, focuses all attention, and solves his emotions and problems, at this time their spirit and will high concentration, become silent unresponsive, absent-minded.

You try to communicate with him, he’s only barely using 5% of his mind to deal with you, and the remaining 95% is spending on his job, his problems, his emotions.

He didn’t feel sad when he figured it out, and he went back to you like nothing.

“My boyfriend is being distant—-boyfriend is inexplicable suddenly cold how to do?”

The same is true of men in long-term relationships.

A man’s love is more like a rubber band, after the period of passion fades, there will be a period of pull-out because love is not the whole of a man’s life, a man’s nature is the love of freedom, he needs to leave the intimate relationship alone for a period of time to find himself because intimacy can easily make people lose themselves, depression.

Women may know more about the feeling of losing themselves than men do, but because men’s innate education, social responsibility, and self-identity are not the same values, they are very depressed and anxious about losing themselves, so they need to pull away from intimacy to find independence and self-feeling, that is, to find themselves.

And how long this time is often dependent on a woman’s understanding and cooperation.

That is to say, if you can give him full respect, freedom and space when he needs to be alone, he will get through this period relatively quickly, relax and come back, and into your intimacy, and your feelings may heat up, of course, and he will pull away again after a while.

But if you’re noisy, suspicious, or repeatedly suspicious of his motives, he’ll get upset, and he’ll be defensive, and he doesn’t want to communicate with you. Of course, he may choose to accommodate you, but he will eventually become anxious, irritable, cold, irritable, lack of love and miserly love because he does not have the freedom and space, and eventually he may choose to leave and never bounce back into intimacy.

There may be breakups in the process that we misunderstand as cold violence.

Women are insecure animals, a period of love is also like glue paint, a thousand smooth boyfriend, a long time began to talk coldly, began to pull away, this kind of fall will make most women uneasy, suspicious, unacceptable, and then the phone text bombing, questioning, tantrum.

If your boyfriend is in a normal period of demodulation, he explains to you, you can’t accept it, and continuing to do so will only end up boring him, not wanting to go back to this intimate relationship, and your relationship will crack.

If you’re a man who wants to break up and use this cold violence, you can only give him a reason to leave without any guilt.

So the best way to do this is to:

Once you find that your boyfriend is suddenly silent and cold, don’t worry about doubt and uneasiness, because trust is the foundation of feelings, communication is the bridge to maintain feelings.

Don’t ask him why he doesn’t care about you, don’t ask him why he’s cold to you, don’t use a tantrum to teach him not to be honest about how he feels, it’s not a good way and away.

Ask him in a tone that doesn’t contain negativity, understanding, and concern, and ask him if he needs more time to be alone lately, whether he answers yes or no, and you’ll ask him to come to you when he needs him.

Then, what really matters is your own actions.

Don’t wait so foolishly for him to come back with uneasiness, doubt and anxiety.

As long as you’re idle, you’ll get more and more negative emotions because you can’t stand his neglect. During this time, you have to do everything you can to make yourself happy. Don’t pay attention to each other, try to pay attention to yourself.

No matter how much you love someone, he should not be the whole of your life, you should constantly enhance their value and attraction, learn to expand their circle of communication, learn to open their eyes. When you have a colourful life, even if your boyfriend needs to be alone, you can still do the things that will make you happy.

Finally, if he still loves you, he will come back soon, and will sincerely believe that you are an independent, full, charming and understandable woman, and do not need him to always be responsible for your emotions, with you is free and relaxed, he will love you more.

If he doesn’t come back, probably because he has a third party or passion to retreat, then it just means that he never really loved you and that such a man is not worth your time on him.

Feelings need to be maintained, only careful care of feelings can be long-term, thinking differentiation is inevitable, we have to avoid thinking differences and bring about the misunderstanding.

Learn to be a truly powerful person who doesn’t need others to take responsibility for their emotional stability and happiness, and remain independent in an intimate relationship.

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