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Two people together for a long time, inevitably there will be a decrease in freshness, even less and less intimate, this is the emotional cold period. There are only three possibilities why your feelings have become lighter:

First: you communicate less when you just together, two people have to say endless words, but together for a long time, they think very familiar, do not need too much communication, so that it is naturally difficult to say their own words, emotional viscosity is low.

Second: lack of communication, the accumulation of contradictions more and more you often have friction in life, but you are too lazy to communicate, and eventually always end in the form of the cold war, long-term, your accumulation of more and more problems.

Third: freshness without everything has a shelf life, if not more care, the freshness will naturally be lost. What should we do when a relationship becomes cold?

“My boyfriend is being distant—-after cohabitation, my boyfriend is more and more indifferent to me. What should I do”

Establish a common topic: No matter when, you must establish a common topic, usually two people busy at work, then after work, you should seize this golden period, put down your cell phone, more exchanges, say something that happens at the end of the day, and what you are currently encountering interesting or disturbing things.

Don’t cold war: You mentioned in your message that you often deal with cold war issues, which is actually wrong. “1988, I want to talk to the world,” said: “What is love in life?” I’m sinking in, too, and autism and preparedness are never the answer. “There are many ways to deal with problems, but the cold war is by no way the best way to deal with them. The cold war’s handling of the problem will only add to the backlog. Therefore, usually, two people have contradictions, must not cold war, two people good communication, and actively solve the problem. 

“My boyfriend is being distant—-after cohabitation, my boyfriend is more and more indifferent to me. What should I do”

An exchange: If you feel that the relationship between two people is very tense, the two people can have an in-depth exchange, say the problems of both sides, and what they expect the other side to do to say, only two people put the words away, will not continue to be cold.

Feelings need to be preserved: love period you are willing to spend most of your time on each other, willing to accommodate the other side’s all shortcomings, but over time, freshness fades after you look at each other is no longer dazzling, no matter what the other party does is wrong. Because everyone has aesthetic fatigue, two people together for a long time will inevitably have a feeling of boredom, at this time, you can not stick together every day, give each other some private space, usually travel more, try some different things, this can also make your feelings more solid and happy relationship needs the joint efforts of two people, Fan Ma hope you can well operate this relationship, cherish each other.

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