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1, boyfriend to answer other people’s phone calls, ran over to kiss his mouth, remember not to kiss the sound, hear the opposite end of the speech and then let go of him.

2, the elevator only you two, can’t help but kiss him on the cheek, and then immediately return to normal, pretend that nothing happened.

“How to turn on your bf”

3, shopping, suddenly said to her boyfriend: “You put your ears together, I have a secret to tell you.” “Wait for his ears to come together, gently blow his breath to his ears, and then say, “Tease you, there is no secret.”

4, shopping together, see the milk tea shop first to buy a cup, pretend to tie hair or tie shoelaces, let him help you get a milk tea, and then directly with your hand to hold his milk tea hand, put his head over for a drink! (This not only has physical contact but also becomes that he is feeding you milk tea, let him to your heart beat faster, one by one.)

5, go shopping with your boyfriend for a late-night snack, and then let him help you with your bag, clothes, or anything, so he doesn’t have empty hands, and feed him something easy to get to his mouth, like kebabs and ice cream. This time he said to him: “Are you a piglet?” “Take out a tissue with one hand to lift his chin, the other hand gently wipe the corners of his mouth, after wiping the eyes just stare at her eyes for two seconds, the kind of affectionate!” (Note: Because it’s close-up, pay attention to the bottom makeup to draw clean ha!) 

“How to turn on your bf”

6, before brushing the bowl to put the hair ring on the wrist, wash the dishes in half, raise your lovely hands, said to the boyfriend: “My hair to help me tie it, my hands are so wet!” “It’s natural to say that boys who tie their hair to girls will make him feel fresh and that there will be physical contact. (The hair should be softened, preferably with a little fragrance.)

7, go to the movies with your boyfriend, you have a lot of things in your hands, said to the boyfriend: “Hey, the ticket is in my pocket, you take it.” (Say, has the boyfriend never pulled your pocket out in a public place?)

8. Sit side by side with his boyfriend, such as in a movie theatre, hospital, car, bury his head in the middle of his shoulder and neck, and gently lick his skin.

9. Touch his lips with your hands and pretend to kiss him, and when he gets close to you, you avoid. If he’s angry, you suddenly kiss.

10, snacking, suddenly touched my boyfriend’s lips with his fingers, and then said to him: “Oh, nasty, why to kiss me!” ”

11, while he did not pay attention, blindfolded his eyes to feed him to eat, let him guess what food, guess two or three, kiss his lips, he will certainly heart beat faster

13, in front of my boyfriend to wipe the body milk, laboured to wipe the back but can not wipe, said to the boyfriend: “Can you help me wipe the body milk?” Can’t wipe the back. “He’s 100 percent couldn’t stand blowing up!!

14, suddenly change the dress style, stimulate his optic nerves, attack his adrenal glands!! For example, often wear skirts, suddenly one day wears men’s clothes; If he’s not excited up and down, he certainly doesn’t love you.

15, try to find his favourite expression of yours (need to observe more in peacetime, he must have expressed his like, pay attention to find).

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