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Love is a feeling that can only be said, not preached. Love is a kind of fragrant romance, but also a warm and extreme realm. How to make men love you more, how to put their favourite love management feng shui. Firmly lock the eyes of the man you like for a long time on your body.

Women, be sure to learn the following 5 warm actions:

First, remind him to call his mother on Mother’s Day

Although the relationship between mother-in-law has always been a difficult topic to figure out. However, it is undeniable that men for the birth of their own mother, there is always an element of gratitude attachment in the heart. Some men even regard filial piety to their parents as the primary condition for finding their own objects. On Mother’s Day quietly reminded him to greet his mother and brother at home to greet the blessing of the phone, he will feel that you are reasonable, thoughtful and delicate. Have a small heart for your elders. Such a girl will certainly get along with his mother in the future. Thus, the balance of love in your heart will tilt a little towards you.

“How to turn on your bf—-women’s five warm actions will make men excited” 

Second, allow him to grow his face in front of his friends at the party

As a woman, maybe you can sing and dance, have a wonderful bumpy figure. You can’t wait to show your voice and dance. Want to proudly show off his proud figure in front of his friends. But, you remember, no man’s heart will really like a grando, to any occasion are keen to make a name for them. When partying with his friends, you should dress to suit your identity. Your speech is half a beat slower than usual. The tone should also try to keep down a little. Speak quickly and quickly, and the woman who loves to be popular there is shallow and uneducated in the eyes of others. You’re more introverted and give him a chance to grow his face in front of people. 

“How to turn on your bf—-women’s five warm actions will make men excited”

3. Show joy at any gift he gives you

Women sometimes contradict each other, that is, they want their boyfriends to have a greenness that doesn’t go through too much of the world. And I hope he can see his heart from time to time. And thick lines are a man’s innate nature. There are many men who, when they first associate with women, are not sure about giving women gifts to please women. Maybe she gave you a gift that you didn’t like so much. Perhaps, you like gold ornaments, but he sent you crystal jade. But whatever it is, it is in his heart that you value your performance. Men also need to grow up with women. Your grandness, good intentions will always capture its heart that loves you.

Four, occasionally drunk in time to cover him with bedding

It has always been a man’s nature to smoke and drink. For men these two habits. Women have always been derogatory. Some women say that men who can smoke and drink have manhood, so men are really men. Some women are abhorrent to men for smoking and drinking. Smell a smell of smoke also wants to bow your head to cover your chest to do cough-like immediately open the window for breath. Of course, the real alcoholic smokers we women are united against. However, when a man is occasionally drunk due to pay or a friend’s party, what a woman needs at this time is not a show of verbal abuse and exaggerated nose-covering. He just needs you to lean down and silently take off his shoes and lightly cover his bedding.

“How to turn on your bf—-women’s five warm actions will make men excited”

V. Moderately showing weakness and petting allow him to shelter you

Women now because of off-the-go job search and other reasons, but also practice one-sided martial arts. For example, at home to pick up a socket, change a light bulb or even lock the core, etc. are omnipotent. In fact, these should be men’s work. It’s environmental students who force women to do anything. Then, when you have a boyfriend, these miscellaneous women don’t get involved. You can give men a chance to perform. Men are born to shelter and conquer women. Love shows its strong side in front of women. When a woman snuggles up to him like a bird when a woman’s beautiful eyes show wow! When you really can worship, a man’s heart is sweeter than drinking honey.

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