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When it came to sex, do men prefer to show open and unruly sexy women, or do they prefer to conquer shy, simple little girls?

In fact, “two opposite” girls have their own aces.

No matter what kind of girl you are, you just need to make good use of the “quota theory”, let men forget themselves, can not leave you!

“How to turn on your bf—-let him have a desire for you”


What is quota theory?

Through his most famous novel character, Wesley, the writer Yu put forward a theory, which is the quota of life.

This means that every person has a fixed quota in his or her life, from the length of life,

The number of times you breathe, how much food you eat, how much water you drink, how many times you laugh.

This view is not the author’s work but has a certain biological, psychological and even economic basis.

Here are a few simple examples:

Biology – The number of times a woman ovulates in her life is determined almost from the moment we are born, about 400 times;

Psychology – If people eat the same thing at the same frequency, when they reach a certain number, they tend to be inclined to the threshold of taste bud boredom;

Economics – According to statistics, if you don’t buy a lot of luxury assets, in your life, there is a fixed limit on the amount of money you can spend on eating and drinking Lhasa, and it won’t exceed a certain threshold.

Therefore, “quota” is actually a “dark line” running through life, especially emotionally.

“How to turn on your bf—-let him have a desire for you”

I once read a report that once a lover has been in love for more than a while (usually four years), it is difficult to get married without getting married. So there’s a quota of freshness and passion.

So, girls, one of the questions we’re going to talk about today is, how do you keep the initial sexual impulses between lovers on the decline? To keep your man and you alive?

The answer is: turn on energy-saving mode, reasonable control of their sexual charm. 


How to reasonably control your sexual charm

Using sexual attraction requires strategy. Next, I’ll talk about three things:

The first part of the clothing

Wearing is the easiest way to unleash a woman’s sexual appeal, and it’s a great “spring medicine” to pick up men’s clothes easily.

But here’s an example of limiting quotas, even with sexy clothes:

The heroine is my student. She knew her husband’s favourite classical beauty style, so when they were at home, she always put on a cheongsam, played music, and held a fan. The elegant posture immediately made the men feel comfortable, and they soon fell in love.

Therefore, she often changes all kinds of styles of cheongsam, length and high fork conservative, nearly a hundred tests are not good.

As time went on, as soon as the music came to mind, the wife picked up the fan,

Twist his body and the man will have the condition to know what he wants.

But a few months later, the students found that her husband’s interest had waned significantly.

She walked up and down in front of him in a cheongsam, but the man’s eyes were no longer active.

When she sat on him with a fan, her husband turned his face to one side involuntarily and showed resistance.

So she wondered if her husband had “had enough” on business.

He is easy to quarrel with when he is close.

He always compares his previous performances, which makes the atmosphere awkward.

In fact, the reason is very simple: my students did not master the main contradictions.

“How to turn on your bf—-let him have a desire for you”

What are the main contradictions?

She has been overspending on two people’s sex quotas in the same way.

That’s what men do. They are easy to activate by new things, but they are difficult to sustain, so we have to control the rhythm.

In fact, the student has tried different styles of cheongsam, but what is the problem?

She is trying the same change, but the scope of the change is not large enough, which leads to sex being programmed. Men are not only physically tired but also mentally tired.

2. The character is strange

The second indicator that affects their “sexual interest” is also crucial, which is called character strangeness.

Many girls and boyfriends become “partnerships” over a long period of time.

For example:

No more makeup removal;

The bathtub is no longer closed;

The sound of going to the toilet is very loud;

Fart and burp undisguised;

Anywhere on the right, you can change clothes at any time

These details seem common, don’t they?

These are the sexiest acts.

An important premise of “sexual interest” is mystery and pursuit, not a pursuit.

Do you think all of the above actions are contrary to this premise?

How important are these details?

If you change it a little bit, it will work well.

I once gave a small piece of advice to a student who had been married for seven years:

Don’t change clothes in front of men and avoid doing so.

Soon her husband was surprised. The less he was allowed to see him, the more he wanted to see him.

As long as you know how to use energy-saving mode,

Show yourself “open source and save money” and you’ll get unexpected results.

Again, men like a mystery. They are born with a desire to spy, which is an “attack”.

Women should take advantage of this and not open everything up.

properly “close the door” and let the man make a little effort to get it,

He will be encouraged, and your sex quota will remain at an active level.

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