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Do you know what makes a girl in love smile sweet and pleasant in an instant? One is that a boyfriend you haven’t seen for a long time suddenly appears in front of her, and the other is to receive a gift from her boyfriend.

“How to turn on your bf—-how to train your boyfriend to give you what you want?”

Looking at tomorrow is seven nights, friends circle show love, sun gifts, you look at some envy hate? If you look at your boyfriend playing games on the couch, is there an impulse to strangle him!

“Straight man” this kind of creature, every holiday, must set off a bloody rain.

Or, is to forget that the festival is coming, but the sex;

Or take seriously the words “there are no gifts available”;

Or honey confidently picks gifts according to its straight male aesthetic.

Girls like to receive gifts, especially from people they like.

Therefore, in order not to let the great holiday atmosphere by straight male thinking and straight male aesthetic destroyed, I come today to teach you a few ways to ensure that your boyfriend in these seven nights, sends you a satisfactory gift.

Before you teach you how to get your boyfriend to send gifts to your heart, you first have to know why boys give gifts to you for reasons that are not positive, and I’ve analyzed the following two points: 


“How to turn on your bf—-how to train your boyfriend to give you what you want?”

1. A lot of times it’s hard not to please When it comes to giving gifts, I think a lot of boys have a headache because they really don’t know what their girlfriend wants? What the hell do you want? Let’s restore the real-life scene: Girl: Although I told you you don’t have to give a gift, you have to give me a gift to make me happy, even though I didn’t say what I wanted. But you have to give the right gift. Boys:??? I want to face this situation, I will also collapse, send is not right, do not send is not right, then how in the end, to send gifts to make girlfriend happy? Ask directly? That’s no surprise, is it? It’s a life problem. But some boys will know before buying gifts, do enough homework, but take lipstick, you can guarantee that you pick the colour of lipstick is her most wanted colour? What if she already has that colour? Men are rational animals, so they generally do not work this low cost-effective and self-asking for trouble. And from most of the results, even if boys put gifts in front of girls, girls sometimes pick and choose. Gifts are cheap, she says you pick, gifts are expensive, she will say you waste, it is not easy to afford the right price, and will be said tasteless, do not like. It’s too hard! So a hundred, simply do not send. 

2. Actual investment and expectations do not match We can use a theory in economics to explain men’s psychology: actual investment and psychological expectations do not match. Think about the circumstances under which we would make a purchase decision. The answer is that the price is within our expectations. For example, if your boyfriend is going to buy you a necklace for your birthday and his budget is 2000, it’s unlikely that he’ll pick it carefully at Chanel’s counter because it’s over budget; 

Then men have the same mentality when picking gifts for their girlfriends. When the gift you want exceeds his budget, he chooses a more cost-effective way. For example, if you are usually a very delicate girl, then when his financial strength is limited, he will consider the price of his gift. Expensive can’t afford, cheap you can’t see, then he will give up giving you gifts, and instead take you to eat or travel, after all, eating travel this kind of thing is very cost-effective.

1. Direct demand I think in the hint of boyfriend gifts this matter, I always advise you to put down hold. Although in advance with your boyfriend to communicate what gifts they want, the surprise will be greatly reduced, satisfaction will improve ah. I think everyone will choose to be satisfied with the surprise and satisfaction (I will anyway). For example, tomorrow is the Seventh Night Festival, but he didn’t have a little idea to give you a gift, so what’s so hesitant about this situation? Go straight up! It’s better to mention directly than to be unhappy empty-handed over the holidays. However, the direct mention is also to sub-situation: the first is off-site love, can not meet, they can only be raised the line teaching. You can send him a direct WeChat: “Honey, the festival is coming soon, I will have a gift?”

“How to turn on your bf—-how to train your boyfriend to give you what you want?”

If he doesn’t go back: Yes

Then you can go back, “Really?” You’re great, I’m looking forward to it, I want to be there soon on July Eve (with a surprise emoji bag) 

But if he returns: No

Then you say, “Then you don’t ask me what I want?” ” (With a poor emoji bag) In general, boys will continue to ask, “What do you want” This time, you don’t say what you want, because there are times when language communication is easy to misunderstand. Send him two pictures of what you want, remember, be sure to be two. Because of this, although you take the initiative to mention the gift, still give the other side a choice of space. The second is a meeting situation If you want a gift in front of you, then the location must be chosen. The best place is at home. We girls are already very embarrassed about the initiative to ask for gifts this matter, if there are many people outside, in case the other side did not hear what you said, you say it again, that is much more embarrassing, ah, so this kind of thing is best only when you two people say. 

You can cut into a topic about gifts first so that you’re less embarrassed when you’re officially giving it. For example, you are watching a movie (you prepared in advance) there is a story about male and female gifts, this time you can say: “Wow, this necklace is so beautiful, dear, I also want such a good-looking necklace.” (Plus expressions and body movements) so neither deliberate, but also very straight to say your needs, I think a man will understand it. 

2. Dating at the moment, random response Real life most of the boys are nervous “straight men”, perhaps he forgot the holiday more forget to prepare gifts for you, then this time, you must control the mood, you have to remember your purpose, not a strong accusation that he did not prepare a gift for you, but to use his guilt that he did not prepare a gift for you into a gift you are satisfied with. For example, when you were dating on the seventh night, he really didn’t prepare a gift for you, so you could deliberately reach out and ask him, “Where’s my gift?” “If he forgets or thinks you really don’t want a gift, then you can say, “You really didn’t prepare a gift for me, but look at the restaurant you ordered is my favourite part, I forgive you” (playful and slightly disappointed tone) and then you observe his face, generally this situation boys will have a feeling of relief, you can take advantage of the pursuit to say: “But the gift is not less Oh, remember to make up for me at this time, the boy will certainly not refuse your request.” If he doesn’t ask what you want, or if we mention the and everything we mentioned earlier: “Don’t you ask me what I want?” Seriously, if you really want a satisfying gift, there’s no need to feel like you’re taking the initiative to sell it too much, or to appear material. There is no less sense of ceremony in life, and gifts are the best embodiment of the sense of ceremony.

1. Give positive feedback

One of the most important techniques for a man to actively give you gifts is to create unexpected excitement and give him good feedback.

 Some girls think that their boyfriends are right to give themselves gifts on holidays of all sizes, so when they don’t receive a gift or receive an unsatisfactory gift, they immediately start to change their faces and count the boys. But what we need to understand is that there is no “should” and “must” in a good relationship. 

And boys give gifts to girls in the hope that they can receive feedback, but this feedback is not necessarily material, they are more concerned about girls giving surprises and excitement because it will give them a sense of accomplishment.


For example, your boyfriend gave you a necklace, which you don’t like, but you can take that necklace with him when you’re dating and tell him you like it.

Boys are not afraid to pay, afraid of their own pay can not be returned. So even if the gift he gives you isn’t what you want most, we can get him to give you a gift that’s satisfying through the follow-up of everyday life. But if at first, you are not satisfied and unhappy, how can the other party want to give you gifts all the time?

2. “Materials” require standards

For example, if your boyfriend’s monthly salary is 10,000, but you have to ask him to buy you a 20,000 bag, this is a little too much, because this is far beyond his capacity, but if you only need a 3000 thousand bag, it is not a lot more reasonable.

So how do you tell if your gift is within a reasonable range, and I suggest that the price of the gift should be 4 or 5 percent of the boy’s monthly salary?

Don’t be too expensive, but can’t be too cheap, if you casually dozens of pieces were sent off, will only let the boys idler and idler you, more and more casual. And the need to give gifts of major holidays a few times a year, so such a request is very reasonable.

If this is said to be material, such a man breaks up early. Because it’s not that you’re too material, it’s that he’s too picky.

3. If you want to take it first, you must give it first

As the saying goes, I can’t bear children not to be wolves. Men love face, you give her one, he will return to you two.

For example, when you eat, you check out properly, and then usually give him some things that are missing from life: lighters, belts, wallets, underwear, etc., small weight, but very practical gifts, he will feel that you also have participation and input in this relationship and will feel that you have been integrated into his life.

Then he will want to take good care of you, then the most direct way is to invest in you, give you more money, give more gifts.

Basically guide the boys to give you gift tips are here, if you read this article, guide your boyfriend, but he still did not give gifts, don’t worry don’t be angry, come to Japan, followed by Christmas, Spring Festival, Valentine’s Day …

Finally, I hope you can remember that couples, couples give each other gifts is to express love and business feelings in a way, not to obtain material means.

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