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One. How to tease his desires when in love

1, dial hair

Women’s hair when sexy money, 80% or more of men have a special expectation of a woman’s shawl hair.

Women may not know how many hair tips pass through a man’s skin when the hair tip silk slips through it.

“How to turn on your bf—-how to tease a man correctly”

2, slightly open your mouth

Both men and women will like the feeling of pink, especially the mouth, when people speak, the other side will unconsciously look at the mouth.

And pink and represent youth and sexy, so watery and shiny cherry mouth, naturally will make men crazy.

3, the back is the same as the S-curve adjustment posture

The S-shaped curve is unique to women, every man will find it fascinating to see, men and women will always be attracted to what they do not have, perhaps this is the root of love.

4, pull up the hair to wipe the sweat on the back of the neck

The neck is a key part of the charm.

Let your head slightly tilted, so that men’s eyes on the prominent collarbone and slender neck, unconsciously revealed a little sexy, which will make men have some inexplicable desire.

“How to turn on your bf—-how to tease a man correctly”

5, smile back

Smiling, nodding, or visually touching from time to time when dealing with a man, these micro-expressions let the other person know that you’re listening to him carefully, and that constant response is one of the best ways to bring you closer.

If you want the relationship to progress relatively quickly, you can also add some physical contact.

These 5 simple small actions, usually seemingly inconspicuous, but can let you and his feelings heat up quickly Oh!

Two. How to tease after emotional stability

1. Entry-level teasing

1) Stockings

First, to find out his hobbies, most men are basically black silk can not stop, such as many men love special also a lot, love shop to see red stockings also sell well.

Stockings also have many types, full-legged, half-legged, unseeded, and full-body, as well as net socks. Each has its own characteristics.

2) Sex costume role-playing

Life in the world, all rely on acting, all kinds of role-playing always have suitable for you, such as some men like role-playing, you cooperate with him do not want, after the end of the exchange of each other’s acting skills, which can be more realistic. The student sister is also a popular taste, tender little sister, the boyfriend said good guilt, but just can’t stop.

3) Public places

Sometimes, in the office suddenly sent him a small ditch photo, also told him you are in the office yo, his interest immediately up.

A treasure has to sell wireless remote control jump eggs and other interesting products, eat, go to the elevator, cinema, give you the joy is infinite, can not stand in anyone’s corner field, enjoy is such a stimulus.

2. Intermediate teasing – how to create a sense of seduction freshness in a familiar relationship

1) Eye mask seduction method

The eye is the sharpest of the five, and most of the environmental information needs to be perceived by it. Once such an important organ stops working, one loses control of the surrounding situation, everything becomes strange, and the corresponding senses become extra sensitive to external stimuli.

So eye masks have become a must-have tool for many people to flirt, keeping their eyes at rest, other senses in a state of the shroud, receiving unknown stimuli anytime, anywhere, and amplifying the sensations they bring. 

“How to turn on your bf—-how to tease a man correctly”

This unknown curiosity and fear can greatly increase a person’s excitement. If you don’t have a professional eye mask, a tie, a shirt, a towel, you can use it as a tool.

After the eyes are blindfolded, give yourself to each other completely, just listen to each other’s orders to carry out the next step, the whole person’s mood can also be relaxed, can better enjoy the other side brought fresh feelings.

2) Verbal seduction seduces must-kill techniques

1. Use your eyes to provoke his integrity, eyes are the most direct, do not need any props, anytime, anywhere on various occasions can be “untruth.”

2. Say he is hungry when he said: “No food”, you can say: “I want to eat you!” “Be sure to milk the killer!”

3. After taking a bath, send him a half-wet self-portrait of his hair and say, “I’m super clean now.”

When we sleep together, he can pretend to sing behind him by holding your words from behind.

5. After turning off the light, blow gently into his ear and stroke his tongue over the edge of his ear. Say to him ten thousand times that I like you.

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