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1, good intentions. Men are inherently immune to well-meaning women. If a lot of times, just a look or an action, you know what he wants to do, can give him timely encouragement, comfort, timely elimination of his negative emotions, he will certainly feel very comfortable with you.

“How to turn on your bf—-how to make men excited”

2, learn to listen. It’s not just women who need to talk, it’s men who need it. All say that a man has something always hidden in his heart, in fact, it is only because he did not find someone to talk to. Listening is more than just listening, it’s actually more of an interaction and communication. When a man finds that he communicates with you, you can listen attentively and understand his thoughts and feelings highly, and he will feel particularly comfortable and willing to get along with you.

3, be a little woman. Especially sensible little women will arouse the vast majority of men’s desire for protection, to meet their “big man” mentality. With little women, they can always feel like a real man, and that’s what they enjoy.

“How to turn on your bf—-how to make men excited”

4, learn tolerance, reduce the desire for control. To understand that men sometimes do meaningless things, to allow them to occasionally make small mistakes that do not involve the bottom line of principle, to give them some flexible freedom, not to treat them as their own private property. In this way, when they get along with you, they can stay relaxed, happy, comfortable, and enjoy being with you.

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