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A lot of people don’t know how to please each other when they kiss, just want to satisfy themselves and make themselves happy. In fact, such kisses often backfire. Especially for girls who don’t know how to be proactive, where is the excitement of a woman kissing a man? For a woman, trying to please and conquer a man with a simple kiss is not an easy task, but most importantly, to understand what men want to think when kissing.

How to kiss his boyfriend he will be excited.

Kissing is a common thing for couples, but because when kissing, most of the initiative is in the hands of men, women are often passively pleasing. But men like to take the initiative a little girl, in front of the boyfriend to take the initiative a little is not a non-stubborn performance. But how can a woman take the initiative to make her boyfriend like it when she kisses? Generally speaking, men like women to kiss these parts below. 

“How to turn on your bf—-how to conquer your boyfriend by kissing”

1, lip-synching kiss

Lip kiss is the most basic kiss, and men are different from women, the tongue kiss is so loved because tongue kisses this slightly erotical kiss is the ablest to remind men of the desire, but also the most stimulating to become excited.

2, neck and shoulders

Men like to leave kiss marks on these two parts of a woman to swear their own right, on the other hand, men actually want to kiss when the woman can give themselves this affirmation, when you leave a was kiss marks on the boyfriend’s shoulder or neck, also shows that he belongs to you.

“How to turn on your bf—-how to conquer your boyfriend by kissing”

3, kiss the back of the chest

Men have a desire to conquer the woman they love, and they also hope that the woman they love can revere themselves, admire themselves, men enjoy the process of being kissed on the chest and back by their girlfriends because these two body parts are also the proudest parts of men, when the girlfriend’s kiss falls in these two places, to give men not only to let him excited to enjoy but also to be affirmed the sense of achievement.

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