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From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, men and women still maintain the characteristics of primitive animals. Boys think that girls “do”, unreasonable, motionless angry, in fact, because women have a better perception system, they are more sensitive to danger, they always sound the alarm of communication earlier.

“How to turn on your bf—-how to coax a boyfriend?”

It is a pity that we do not usually understand the differences between the sexes. Because men also take themselves for granted as protectors of relationships, because from ancient times to the present, men are stronger and think they can protect and support each other. When two people disagree, men feel that their protection has failed. They will fight for victory and be frustrated, either by starting to shout and reason, or by running away from inferiority, cold-war. That’s when we need to cajole, caress, and guide him out of the enclosed.

First, first of all, understand what a man looks like when he is injured

Men are difficult to coax because they are too rational to self, encounter problems to deal with problem the first thought is not communication, but exit self-dealing.

1 Man needs to “go into the hole” to heal

I think the most ununderstood, the most difficult to deal with the sentence is: “Let me be quiet, don’t bother me anymore.” All the girls in love must have seen, two people awkward, boys will always wrap themselves up, hide in the cave only one exit breath. Avoid women and don’t want to communicate with anyone. If the girl actively chases him, shout “you come out, I need you” into the hole. Not only will the man not come out well, but he may also completely cut off the contact and leave without returning his head. You try your best to run after him, but you are getting farther and farther away from him.

In fact, we say that men are not good, men need space, need “quiet”, all because men need cave healing. “Man cave” men’s cave, which was first proposed by John Gray in 1992 in “Men from Mars and Women from Venus”, has become a well-known noun in intimate relationships over the years. Simply put, men need a special place to avoid harm and deal with their own problems;

“How to turn on your bf—-how to coax a boyfriend?”                                            

2 Men have high self-esteem, they always choose to remain silent

Social psychology holds that men always choose to internalize and hide their emotions when faced with stress. In general, men do not expose their emotional state, not to be easy to vent to others. In modern society, women tend to have a greater say in two people’s feelings, and women are more willing to express their feelings in the hope of getting the attention and feedback of their partners. And men need a private territory to sort out their ideas to deal with these claims. Need to stay away from the stress of life for a time. Men have high self-esteem, they always choose to remain silent, you can’t communicate with them well. But also understand that he chose to self-enclosed and not communicate, in fact, to better deal with the emotional problems of two people, better with their partners.

3 Men need a kind of time of their own

In fact, in intimate relationships, both men and women need some “me” time. But there are differences between the sexes, and contrary to common sense, men have a much greater need for self-time than women. If you have emotional problems, men need more space to think about themselves. Also, men and women define “my time” very differently: for women, “my private space” includes time to chat with honey and even time to go shopping and party, while for men, “my time” is a completely self-enclosed, non-communicating time. Men are too self-righteous and too rational. Trying to get close to her, coax her and be as good as it was, wasn’t so easy. But there are some method techniques.      

“How to turn on your bf—-how to coax a boyfriend?”

Second, how to coax boyfriend?

First of all, we must know that he has treated you as a relative, will lose your temper with you. We lose our tempers with our parents and our lovers, but we never lose our tempers with our classmates and colleagues. The reason is here, because my love my family, is the closest person around me, I can not let them leave me, I am angry that I hope you can all be good. It’s really more important to think about a man’s state of mind, to talk well, to communicate well than anything else.

1 Four rules for reconciliation with men

Chris Hart, a sex psychologist, summed up four principles for dealing with men’s anger and the cold war:

First, men ignore you as a way to deal with problems, not as an indicator of love and estrangement. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself;

Second, when a man needs space, give him some of his own time, independent space. Don’t let him deal with difficult problems, and put pressure on him;

Third, forced reconciliation will not work. Some people say that asking for a hug will make a man’s heart soft, which doesn’t make sense. When they look depressed, quiet, evasive, and in love, it can only backfire. Petite can coax back can only show that two people are still very childish, or two people conflict is too small. All you really have to do is don’t block the way, don’t threaten, don’t ask, especially don’t give him an “ultimatum”: “If you ignore me again, you really don’t have a chance”, which would make him completely out of control.

Fourth, avoid one of the most common mistakes. When men shut themselves up, many women make the mistake – they see it as an emotional provocation. There are a lot of girls in love who maintain emotional balance: if a man says, “I need space,” “I need a quiet”, a woman will emotionally fight back in the same way, “then I won’t care about you” and “how you love.” In doing so, it is completely into the trap of anger.

2 Coax face to face

Girls must be coaxed as early as possible, which means caring for them. But coaxing men are completely different, they don’t believe in good things, they only believe in their own logic. Only if you show a gesture of recognition and sincerity of reconciliation will they convince themselves that “it’s time to make peace”. You call to send WeChat, two people can not meet, can not see to let them rest assured attitude. There is a good chance of misunderstanding if you don’t see your body tone.

A man’s vision and touch are always better than hearing, you talk to him more, he hears more thinking no more useless, let him see touch is the most real. Because there are vision and touch will have the inner feeling; why many couples are not moving, it is easy to break up, is because the different places can not see or touch.

3 Don’t say “I’m sorry” and say “I don’t want to”

Remember, there must be a reason why men are angry. Sometimes he may just worry about your safety, sometimes he may hurt his heart because what you have done does not meet his expectations, or sometimes he may not see anything of value to him. We’re asking for reconciliation to tell him why we’re doing this and to make it clear to each other about the consequences.

Don’t say “I’m sorry” even if you feel like you’ve done something wrong. Tell him I didn’t mean it, I didn’t mean it, I didn’t want to make you angry. If you’re the one who made the mistake, put your ego aside and make sure you’re sincere and sincere;

4 Physical contact is the most useful. If your “do” has stabbed him before because of your aggressiveness, words alone will not heal his wounds, you will need to use your body. If maintaining a girl’s relationship must make her feel comfortable and safe, then maintaining a relationship with a man must make a man feel excited. Stimulate his hormones so that he can’t sleep every night.

A man is always a visual animal, and the impulse you give his body is always the most important. He needs you, appreciates your appearance, and longs for your body. When you touch his hand, stroke his arm, give him a warm hug or kiss, your boyfriend may melt like butter. The original impulse of human nature is the strongest, and the road to Jane does not have to be so complicated. 

5 Stimulates his sweet hormones

You may have heard “Get a man’s heart through his stomach”, as men do all day long. This statement is not an expression of literature and art, in real life is completely useful and effective. Because, first, when we eat appetizers, the body releases endorphins, creating a feeling of peace of mind and pleasure, which is called sweet hormone. Second, the dining room at home is the most open room, where two people will not be too hostile, coax lovers, dealing with family problems table is a good place.

A man has a high heart, and he needs your weakness to bring a sense of accomplishment. Preparing him for love is the best sign of weakness, and you can do something you haven’t tried before and make it unique care. No food, no problem, a cup of hand-made coffee, hand-made juice. So sweet that he had no choice but to smile and forget his anger. Even if it doesn’t taste as good as it looks.

Business love always has a trough, don’t be depressed don’t stop. It only takes a little guidance to make you as good as you are, and the best moments between lovers are the closest and happiest.

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