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1, does not control by this

He wants to jump ship, and I won’t stop him because I don’t think I’m going to take it. I’m going to study abroad, not because he’s still at home. Love is tripping, not keying, change hair, get along for a long time will be no. When he buys a car to choose a model, whether to buy it or not, although we disagree, the statement can be, will not control his decision. Do their own, love is not the whole of life, but pay too much attention to and interfere with each other’s lives, do not just go down to co-between, indulge in their own.

“How long will my relationship last—-how to maintain a long-term relationship?”

2. Do not limit personal hobbies do not reverse each other’s interests, interests on the impact of lovers is not so single personal hobbies, over time the two sides will maintain a sense of freshness. Like if I like more meat he likes turtles after our dating place often becomes to explore the various flower and bird markets and before the meal date feels different. He has his hobbies, I have my hobbies, and they are not quite the same. Even when he’s out to work out, I’m just going to sit at home and pretend to cheer him on. He likes to watch anime, I like to watch documentaries, nothing, don’t accommodate, a personal computer a person iPad to see each other, from time to time glance.

3. You have your life Don’t guess “he won’t love me” “he doesn’t want me how to do” “He’s not outside someone”, in fact, love is the most need not guess, you even “don’t seem to love” can detect, so keen insight, when he “doesn’t love” you still don’t know? Their way of thinking is really different from ours, we think, they often have no understanding. Our reasoning is often a curve, but to the man, there is only a straight line. If you’re still prone to thinking, it’s probably because you’ve made him the center of gravity of your life. You have friends, family, careers, and yourself, and if you feel restless, you may want to cultivate a personal interest, such as practicing yoga, learning tea, learning more than one language, and so on. Shift your focus to your own life, and when you’re a star, you’ll always worry that he doesn’t like you? No matter what you do, the other party does not owe you, there is no obligation to return you. He has no obligation because you do what you do.

“How long will my relationship last—-how to maintain a long-term relationship?”

4. You can appreciate Many women worry about starting to go downhill after the age of 25, worried about each other changing their minds after they get old. Some women think that 18 to 25 is their own golden period, and then began to depreciate, should take advantage of young to find a better, older will not be easy to find again. At this time the same age male sex at the lowest ebb, even if not break up in the heart will be rejected, will be dissatisfied, thus causing quarrels. 

At 18 you always say the wrong thing and quarrel with your boyfriend; at 25 you’re good at making life more interesting with small things; at 30 you can turn a man’s anger into tenderness with one eye, and at 35 you know better what style of clothes to wear. Against their own moving, 40-year-old you let men close to you feel at peace of mind, 50 years old you no longer infatuated with young male stars, you have a beautiful hand in calligraphy, a song, words funny, elegant temperament, and you chat up and sit up all afternoon is not boring. Yes, not a lovely girl, but a beautiful woman. You know you can get better and better, depending on yourself. As you get older, skills, qualities, and experiences arise. Young time can be a word to make him upset, but then a word can scratch his heart itch. People have merit, you begin to regardless of body, open gossip closed mouth, pull the voice of speech is bound to go downhill, marriage is not “mission accomplished.” Be confident, you have to be good, don’t be good, I’ll be better anyway. When a little girl sees that you think, “I want to be a woman like this in the future,” you succeed. The last sentence has been deleted. (According to user reports, containing “politically sensitive” content, er…) Show gender traits:

In this aspect of dressing up, I think delicate and silky small hands make men more excited than fancy manicures to hook people much, so women spend their efforts to maintain can not slack. Gender traits are inherently attractive to the opposite sex. My husband, didn’t have muscles when I met him, and now he has small muscles, and he gave me one more reason to like him.

“How long will my relationship last—-how to maintain a long-term relationship?”

2. Tenderness does not need to be a small woman but uses the means of a small woman. Injured when the innocent big eyes burst into tears and did not fall, holding his clothes corner do not speak, he asked the pain does not hurt you nod. Properly show your weakness, reflect your gentleness, even if the loud voice is used to, occasionally to whisper. Especially when you are angry, if you still refuse to give in to the quarrel, you may as well petite. Petite, gentle, delicate are particularly good to use, do not believe you try. Men are also more likely to be impressed by the admiration of small women, do not be stingy with your worship. A lot of times, when you treat him like a person, he’s more likely to be. I often learn from my family’s Wang Xing people, think about why I can’t help but hurt it, it is happy to see me, most like to be with me, do not hate. So as soon as I saw him on a date, I laughed, had a good time, and had a fight when he was weak and apologized. How to get along: 1 When he apologizes, let’s not ask,” “What’s wrong with you?” A lot of things on the idea of men and women really different, quarrelling simply can not talk, “gender is not the same how to fall in love,” you think this sentence is just a joke? Avoid improper quarrel way quarrel as far as possible not overnight, if the day can not solve the contradiction, it is best to meet directly, not phone, avoid text messages, emotional instability when short letters easy to make people maliciously guess the other side’s ideas. No matter how excited you are, don’t talk about breaking up. To be divided on the real score, do not mention, break up said more than each other gradually in the heart preset and accepted the possibility of breaking up. Heart management doesn’t because together for a long time, ignore each other’s psychology, the other side’s eyebrows, pause silence, want to say and stop and so on details don’t because rushed out to think about coming back again, on the road after calling the other side to care. Also, to maintain heterosexual attraction, there is a change in the attractiveness of this go through the years, phase. 

A woman is easily moved by how much a man can do for himself, but a man usually doesn’t love you for how much you can do for him. Even if he comes after him, he accepts you not because you moved him, but because he was attracted to you. It’s more attractive to him to have charm than to buy him expensive gifts and just to keep the room glittering. Buying a sexy suit, sticking to fitness, or learning to dance is all good. Maintain freshness, and when feeling your feelings are about to become bland, I suggest spending some time thinking about creating freshness. From time to time to send a small gift, to a small surprise. Sing a song recorded down to send to each other, try not to do things together, personal cultivation of new hobbies.

Intimacy Many girls feel that spiritual communication in relationships is more important than sex, no, they are all important. You’re shy and cute when you have sex today, and you’re still shy the day after tomorrow, but what about every time in 30 years? Can be today tender, tomorrow shy, the day after tomorrow initiative, the day after tomorrow style, or occasionally one-day transformation. Even if the same location the same posture of the same another party, the woman’s attitude is different, the taste is very different. In addition to your different reactions, small details can also create a sense of freshness and wonderful excitement. For example, there is jewelry on the body without clothes, only wear a necklace can also be;

To. I also want to say that breaking up is not a failure. Accompanying a few relationships to the end but each paragraph is very beautiful is also a kind of happiness. If you meet the preferred person how to do, then break up with the current to be with him ah, don’t restrain, and then feel aggrieved to accommodate, he should be better for you. (Single before you firmly and explicitly refuse that person’s courtesies, boys are also, meet more moved girls please break up first and then try to pursue) I certainly met other people, like to see it, avoid far away. This person is quite good, that person is quite handsome, that personal career success, excellent people so many, appreciate, do not take other people’s advantages and boyfriend’s weaknesses than, or split hands, get along and hate is what kind of trouble. I don’t leave him because I like anyone far from like him, like to be with him, just think of him excited, he is my male god. There is a flash of the boy asked my boyfriend to be good or bad, I said super good, want to marry him. For people who have a good feeling for you, your attitude is not clear enough is ambiguous, don’t say “good” “pretty good”. I think single-up should be the basis of a good relationship, each other’s feelings of single-person lovers can build trust. Trust is a comfortable state, relaxing with each other. Relax, not it doesn’t matter. Compared to asking the other party should believe you, but also should make themselves worthy of trust, the saying “there is borrowed and then it is not difficult to borrow” is the same reason, for those who say what they must do we will believe his weight. Once there is a third party in the relationship between the two sides, it is no longer possible to “focus” and stop investing with your heart. 

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