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For love, it must be that everyone has not been in love in the heart of the portrayal of its appearance, there is no doubt that it must be full of happiness and sweet, but how long can love last, love shelf life and how long? You must have seen too many examples of this, a pair that doesn’t look right, walk longer than anyone else. Let’s measure how long your relationship lasts.

“How long will my relationship last—-how long will your next relationship last?”

In the process of getting along with your partner, when something happens, your attitude towards things is:

A. Their own matters to solve their own, really can not solve, seek help from the other side

B. The two men discussed together and worked together to resolve the issue

C. Always one of them makes up his mind and solves it

D. Take care of your own affairs and won’t tell each other

Answer parsing:

Choose A, in love, you express your feelings at the same time, but also do not rely too much on each other, each has its own independent space. The relationship between you and your partner is moving in a steady direction and is likely to have a happy ending. You each other’s definition of love, values basically synchronized, understand that there is passion in love there is a quarrel there is bland, you can always in the key nodes of the risk, so that your love preservation period is infinitely extended,

Choose B, you yearn for romance and freedom, hope to get perfect love. Your romance is the preservation of your love, you and your partner how to love are not enough, you can really think for each other, do things want to have each other’s company, you do not have secrets between each other, each other very much trust, your feelings will not be a problem, can sweet honey go on, even to a lifetime.

“How long will my relationship last—-how long will your next relationship last?”

Choose C, your feelings, always one side in non-stop pay, the other side unlimited enjoyment of being loved, of course, this is a willing choice. The feeling of being relied upon and trusted is also very good, as long as the person who is loved responds to each other, the relationship lasts very long. Couples get along with the model is still diverse, a love again deep, if the lack of response, feelings inevitably quietly fade. 

Choose D, you and your partner more like mutual respect of friends, not like a couple, you are together when the lack of sweet couples, each has their own world, lack of intersection, encounter things are their own commitment, and each other is difficult to open their hearts, lack of trust between each other, you are more like together in the completion of the task, but also lack of concern for each other, such feelings from the beginning is not favoured, to the later stage you are more and more persistent.

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