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According to the love preservation period, the average love is maintained at about 18 months.

Therefore, there are many women who think that the husband and the third party can only stick together for two years, as long as they endure ignoring them! After two years, the husband and the third party will naturally be separated. Behind this is also said that extramarital affairs have a life cycle, while two people together for a long time will occur a lot of conflicts, and eventually lead to a break-up. But I have been in the case of extramarital affairs after nine years continue to entangle, can not break up, and ultimately to the book public! How long does it take for an extramarital affair between a husband and a third party to end, mainly influenced by the following factors:

“How long will my relationship last—-how long does extramarital affair last? These five factors determine the derailment time”

First, the husband’s motive and motivation to have an affair

The husband must have the idea of cheating under what circumstances and in what state he has taken the step of cheating.

If the husband’s cheating is just full of warm thoughts, want to go out to find a fresh woman to play, then such extramarital affairs can not belong, even can not be called extramarital affairs, at best, that is, in the name of love occurred extramarital sex only.

If the idea of husband cheating is because of the conflict between husband and wife, because of the lack and not satisfaction between husband and wife, because the relationship between husband and wife is ignored and the resulting empty loneliness cold, then this is the emotional need for comfort, the soul needs care, physical need to collide, this kind of extramarital affair has a strong point and attachment, often this third party at least superficially needs to give the husband a certain degree of satisfaction, stimulate the inner spark, warm his heart. Thus this kind of extramarital affair can still last for some time, but if you get these on the wife’s side, then the third party will be abandoned.

“How long will my relationship last—-how long does extramarital affair last? These five factors determine the derailment time”

If the husband cheats because of the sexual disharmony between husband and wife, then this kind of extramarital affair will also be more entangled, to know because of sex and love, because of sexual feelings, because of sexual attachment.

If the husband is due to the relationship between the mother-in-law or children’s education or financial problems and other third-party problems and the wife unhappy and cheat, then as long as the crack these problems, return to the family that is within reach, which the relationship between the mother-in-law is relatively difficult to solve a little.

Second, the third party is involved in extramarital affairs

The first is the third party to actively pursue your husband, then it means that the third party has a clear will, with strong psychological preparation, in this case to the third party to leave is not easy, even if your husband to leave is not so easy, unless the will is firm.

“How long will my relationship last—-how long does extramarital affair last? These five factors determine the derailment time”

The second is your husband as a married person to take the initiative to pursue, the third party knows that your husband is married, but your husband gave her all kinds of benefits, and ultimately won the beauty return, in this case, the third party is not easy to leave, she has been in your husband’s side to obtain great satisfaction, and ready for psychology.

The third is that your husband as a single person to take the initiative to pursue, but this is a means of deception to obtain the feelings of a third party, although the establishment of emotional attachment but the third party was hurt first, so there is a sense of insecurity between the two people.

Third, the third party involved in the extent of extramarital affairs

One is how long a third party is involved in extramarital affairs if it is a short time, soon found that emergency treatment, soon to be able to withdraw, but if more than half a year, then this sense of input and loss will be very strong, then there is a reluctant, reluctant and habitual dependence, so for the husband’s extramarital affairs early detection, early treatment is the best. 

Second, how much is paid, this in addition to the time to pay, there is more key to the uterus to pay, pregnant, have had a baby especially a few times, it is very troublesome;

Three aspects are involved in your husband’s life how much, if she often in the form of your husband’s woman, then this sense of generation will be very strong, especially if she also took your husband to see her parents and other family and friends, if recognized, then it is also very troublesome.

Four aspects are how much benefits, the third party in your husband’s side to get the benefits or benefits of the more, then the more difficult it to get out, no one is willing to easily give way to benefits, especially status and money and psychological satisfaction.

Five aspects are the invasion of your marriage and family degree, if she took the initiative to come to your home, find you, humiliate you, especially to find your mother-in-law, then you should pay attention to, this third party has begun a full-scale attack, if your husband is not willing to withdraw, then your marriage is in danger.

The extent to which you intervene in an extramarital affair

If you put up with it, then you’ll have to wait until their misery is over, but it’s often indulgence of your husband, leading to the end even if he leaves the woman, he’ll go to another woman.

If you cry two-three hanging, make a chicken flying dog jump, everyone knows, then the husband either immediately break up and return to the family, or immediately move, separated from you.

If you find someone to help save the marriage, then, on the one hand, will calm and your heart, the other side is to find out the cause of extramarital affairs, three aspects are to heal the trauma of extramarital affairs, four aspects will rebuild the husband and wife link, five aspects of the husband will re-evaluate this extramarital affair and marriage, and make a decisive choice.

Five, your husband’s character

Husband’s character determines his will to choose! Of course, for any husband who chooses to break up is difficult, there will be a back-and-forth process, but the way to make a decision is different.

A man of soft character, he is very difficult to make a decision, if you do not force him, he will continue the extramarital affair, unless the third party abandons him;

The strong character of men, either decided to break up and then slowly return to the family, or decided to divorce and then began a long-term extramarital affair!

A man of medium character, basically under strong pressure and the warmth of saving his marriage, will surrender and return to his family.

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