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“How long is a man’s love affair?”

It’s easy to make a boy like you, but it’s hard to make him fall in love with you.

There are a lot of girls who have complained, just with boyfriend together, the other side will hold themselves in the heart, 24 hours a day to know what they have done, what to eat. But less than a month, began perfunctorily, would rather play games, and friends play together, rather than accompany themselves more.

Love is really a wonderful experience, in the process, you have to be mysterious and open.

When you first met, you had a good chat together and could get tired of it all day.

“How long will my relationship last—-how long does a man fall in love?” 

At that time, if you don’t look for him, he’ll miss you.

He will learn about your interests through friends, he will take a lot of questions, carefully look forward to your answer. Ask what movies you like, what you like to eat, and so on.

Before you know it, you give him enough time to think about you, give him time to get to know you, give him time to pluck up the courage to ask you.

As the film “Love’s Adult” says: even if men consider themselves the starters of love, it is the women who really guide the direction.

Similarly, when you are together, he is occasionally absent, and instead of sighing, you can browse his circle of friends to learn his stories and preferences, to see whether he likes ballads or rock and roll, to know whether he yearns for poetry and distant or bland daily life.

When he found out that you knew him best, he began to think: with you, as if really happy.

“How long will my relationship last—-how long does a man fall in love?”


Even the hottest games on the market, but also to update the version from time to time, out of some interesting small features or eye-catching characters to give people the motivation to continue to play.

The same is true of love. You thought he was a down-to-earth gentle person, but one day he will learn you to do grimaces, will also say some cold paragraphs to make you happy, and even show a petite look let you promise him a little thing. The feeling of surprise makes you like him more and more.

Similarly, the first time we met, he thought you were beautiful and knowledgeable, and later found that you still have a childish side, a forgetful side, a greedy side, a savage side, a calm high emotional side … These faces make him feel fresh and attractive.

“How long will my relationship last—-how long does a man fall in love?”

Love is a mutual attraction, not a one-sided infatuation, to keep mystery is not a skill, but to give you enough time to get to know each other.

These feelings of surprise make you fascinated by each other, but when you encounter unhappy things, but also to say it directly, do not because guess to consume each other’s trust value, make the misunderstanding bigger.

The road to love is very long, each couple has their own troubles, may wish to give each other more time to experience the truth. Finally, DR Jun would like you and the people around you to cross the door and find the most comfortable state of getting along.

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