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Aries’ love can last for about half a year. People in fire signs have a very fast love period because they like the fresh feeling, and it is easy to love a person at first sight. When the fresh feeling is gone, he will also live a light life.

“How long will your next relationship last?”


Taurus’ love period is about six to twelve months. Although they are a constellation with a long love, they will only be hot for a while in terms of emotion. The rest is Yu Wen. Don’t expect Taurus to give you hot love.


Gemini love comes quickly and goes fast. The length of love will fluctuate in a certain range with the acceptance of new things. However, the longest is less than two months. In a short period of one week, people in this constellation need a fresh feeling. If you are not fresh, do something new.


Cancer seems to have not been a period of peak love, they are to a constant temperature to get along with you, not to say is a plain life, or has been in love, but their care and love are in the moment.


Leo’s love can last for about eight months. They are the longest in the constellation of fire. When he likes someone, he wants to give everything to each other. After this stage, you may be considered as your own person, and they will be a little bit more casual.


Virgo does not have a hot and non – love period, because he’s good to the other half is to maintain a temperature, and is very high temperature, you can never avoid him when he sees you hot eyes and gentle way to you.

“How long will your next relationship last?”


Libra has been in love for more than three months, but it is actually a month. They are a sign that values your appearance. He has enough of your appearance and understands your character. After knowing your character, you find that your character is not better than your appearance, so you will be cool.


Scorpio has a hot love period of at least two years, and the normal love period is about three to five months. This is scientifically based. Scorpio can last for two years because he is willing to pay his life for his beloved in this period. But for a long time, many things happened. It is found that there is a gap between the two people, and there is no such desire to sell for anyone.


Sagittarius’ hot love period can keep you for more than two months. They are a person who doesn’t have a love eye craving and wants to share the love. This will make each other crazy. So you find Sagittarius has talked with you for two months but has not cooled down at all. Go home and steal the music.

“How long will your next relationship last?”


Capricorn is almost cold when it comes to love you. The four words “love you as early as you” can perfectly explain Capricorn’s life-long commitment to his lover. His passion will continue and will not let the person he loves will feel lost. It is very safe to be with such lovers.


Aquarius love can last for about a year. All the fresh feelings can only happen this year. If you have passed this stage, you have nothing new and life to experience, then you will probably end.


Pisces’ love period is how long you can last, and I will keep with you. As long as you burn hot, I will not cool down, they really pay how much in love, so love for long has no problem.

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