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How long can online love last without running? Some people will say up to three months, because online love is not practical, if there is no regular meeting to maintain, then it is difficult to continue. Online love is also love. Internet chat, in fact, is through language, tone, voice or pictures, so that this person virtual and real in a person’s life. Online love seems to be nihilistic, but a person in the network loves the feelings, which is no less than ordinary love.

“How long will my relationship last—-how long can online love last without meeting?”

aid. Therefore, it is easy to put your real feelings and moved in such a chat, although not met, but easy to produce psychological dependence, to fall in love with each other. Because there is no rush, so this time the feeling is strong, but still stay in the beautiful fantasy stage. How long online love can last can sometimes be related to some of the following factors. Online love is also love, two people together are not willing to give up this online love feeling can maintain the “relationship” time.

One. You and the other person to chat and exchange information Each of us generally if in real life can find a mutual understanding, mutual companionship of the other half, rarely really spend a lot of time on the network of friends. Basically all the network dating, many are beginning to think of time, want to no pressure to chat casually, row a lonely, some are holding to try to find the object of the purpose to go, and even some people are for about guns. This is basically the main theme of the beginning of online love. Everyone will basically have their own purpose, but when chatting with each other to chat especially speculative, it will be easy to put their true feelings, will develop into online love. Therefore, if the two sides on this relationship are basically “nothing to ask for”, that is to say, companionship, send loneliness, spiritual dependence, and so on is only these spiritual needs, and not to implement the life, then the feelings are easy to long-term, no time and space constraints.

“How long will my relationship last—-how long can online love last without meeting?”

One does not want to be really in love with the other person; two is not in life and the other person really intersection; three longs to have a and their own life has nothing to do but is an effective listener and communicator, so there is no pressure to communicate; four long for a voice to understand and support themselves, but do not seek something to happen to the other side. If both sides have such an attitude, basically unless one party has given up online dating, some friends slowly fade out of your circle, otherwise, such a relationship can last a long time.

Two. Look at two people’s perceptions of feelings, look at the will of both sides

If both can live through fantasy and idealism, as long as the other is their spiritual pillar. For example, in a movie like ONE DAY, the hero and heroine decide to embark on their own journey after love at first sight. On the occasion of their leaving, they agreed to become good friends and then meet on July 15 every year there year.

Two people only see each other every year to maintain for many years, although love each other, but still can live their own lives, both sides can have their own lives, so this relationship can also be maintained for a long time. If between two people are advocating Platonic love, both want to have their own lives, then you can maintain a long love, and even a lifetime, know that there is a person who has been on the other side of the network to love themselves, in fact, is also a comfort. But the complete love in addition to the energy, in fact, but also have the physical. Therefore, the best destination of online love is still should return to reality, after all, love wants to blossom or need two real realistic contacts, but the simple network of spiritual exchange is difficult to say, is “real” love. 

“How long will my relationship last—-how long can online love last without meeting?”

Three. Look at your personality traits relatively fast-burning into the love of people and the body’s passion for love, relatively speaking, slow heat stability of people are more likely to invest in their own real feelings in online love.

He was afraid that the other side saw him disappointed, no longer willing to ignore him, but also afraid that he saw the other side disappointed, his own beautiful dream broke. Therefore, when not confident enough, and partial house people began to love online, somewhat on the “run now” produced a certain degree of fear, such fear will delay the “meet” opportunity. Online love, in fact, a lot of times to see a person’s side, no matter which side: kind, simple, understandable, can love or like this person through the network, and put their true feelings, in fact, because this person meets some of their own inner needs. When the inner needs have been, and the stage can be satisfied, some people actually do not want to pull closer to reality, but if there is a person in life who also lack such a person, love has appeared like glue paint, he will be eager to “see you” in life and even develop a good relationship with you. Therefore, how long the relationship lasts, and the motivation of the beginning of online love, the reason, the character of two people, the purpose have a certain relationship. Therefore, in addition to appearance, online love now many unstable real factors are affecting the need to go to the present at the expense of breaking the existing balance. Every relationship is hard-won, so, if after a period of contact and understanding, both sides have a good faith, about 3 months to half a year, it is best to meet (remember self-protection), after all, people still have to return to reality vision and courage, life still wants to continue. 

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