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People in love, often stick together at any time, but the opposite of love, it always takes a long time to have a short meeting, so that many people can not survive this test, then the twelve constellations of off-site love can be maintained for how long?


Emotionally, many Aries are typical of dare to love and hate, like a person, will directly show the heart, hate 24 hours a day are glued together, all kinds of small things want to share, but love can not meet their requirements, perhaps adhere to three months, they will want to give up.

Three-year-old Taurus.

“How long will my relationship last—-how long can a long-distance love between the 12 constellations last? This constellation’s unexpected love”

Taurus people are more introverted personalities, usually also rarely speak, not good at expressing their feelings.

But in the feelings, they are a serious and persistent person, identified the other side, will be to pay, even if off-site love, will not easily change the mind.

Twins: Jan.

Cheerful Gemal, is a little idle people, emotionally the same, together, they hope to meet at any time, what words like to say in person, but if it is off-site love, but let them have the illusion that they are single, perhaps a month can not adhere to.

Pisces: Half a year.

And Pisces love, is a kind of affectionate and sentimental people, although, in the process of love, they will pay wholeheartedly, if the two sides can never see each other, then once they have a better heterosexual side, can not empathy.

Leo: 1 year.

If really in love with a person, born proud Leo will also become affectionate and infatuated, decided that the other side will not easily change the heart.

Even when two people are far apart, they will find a way to solve the distance problem, not to separate them too much, and after a year, they will answer.

“How long will my relationship last—-how long can a long-distance love between the 12 constellations last? This constellation’s unexpected love”


A female character is relatively calm, but the treatment of feelings is very persistent, like a person, will be wholeheartedly to pay, will also be willing to work hard for the other side’s future, even if the love, can be resolved within two years, but if not resolved, will stop in time.

Libra: 10 months.

Don’t look at Libra people’s meek personality, the people around you are very good, love is more considerate, but in fact, they are very exclusive of off-site love, in their view, love should stay together, if separated two people, that and single is no difference, perhaps ten months will want to give up.

Scorpio: Five years.

For love, Scorpio is notoriously love-hate clearly, love a person, will be all the sincere dedication, no matter what difficulties and difficulties encountered, there will be no retreating thoughts, so that even if the love, can persist for five years.

Sagittarius: Two months.

The character of the big Sagittarius, in fact, is a person who can not set his heart, everything has three minutes of heat, extreme greed for freshness, emotional is the same, it is difficult to stay with a person for a long time, so, for them, love is the same as torture, within two months will want to give up.


The silent Capricorn character is a no matter when, are used to career-heavy workaholics, even if there is a love relationship, will live a two-point first-line life, the lover as their own responsibility, one mind to keep each other, will not easily change the heart.

Aquarius: Five months.

For Aquarius, long-distance love is often the most testing way of love and the most troublesome way to get along, but they are the most afraid of trouble.

Therefore, even in the process of getting along, the relationship between the two sides frequently, this kind of relationship will not last too long.

Cancer: 10 years.

For feelings, Cancer people have been very serious, love a person, will come up with all the sincere to pay, even if it is moth fire is also at all, so, off-site love for them, is not a big problem, as long as the other side has not changed their hearts, they will persist for a long time.

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