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In the chat I think the most effective is to attract women and flirt with women, flirting will quickly lift the woman’s emotions, is the woman has feelings for you.

“Questions to flirt with a girl’

The premise of flirting with women: not every man is free to flirt with women, this is certainly the need for certain conditions, what will be? Think about what kind of conditions you’re in and you’re going to flirt and talk to women at will. Is not your relationship very familiar, of course, there is a condition that this woman likes you when? So, the condition that you need to flirt happily with a woman is that you have a strong sense of familiarity or that you are attracted to women, which is just two of the most critical factors for us to be a girl. In previous articles, I have a lot of articles about attracting and building familiarity, not here today 

The prerequisite is our next concrete approach:

First, ambiguous up

Women are more shy animals, in the face of those men and women are more sensitive words, ambiguous words will be shyer, especially in the face of their favourite boys will be more so, red face, embarrassed to talk and so on are common. Generally, we men have our own two-faced sex, the right side and the untruth of the side we have to show in front of women, to be ourselves.

“Questions to flirt with a girl’

Ambiguous topics to a certain extent can have appropriate physical contact, for example, rub small hands, touch a woman’s body, smell her hair. Women in the face of their favourite men and their own ambiguous behaviour, whether it is action or words will have some small excitement,

It should be noted that you are the manipulator, you are the driving girl’s person, do not indulge in lewdness, do not flirt throughout, these two points will make you from a mature man to a lewd man Oh!

Second, talk about sex

Sex is an eternal topic between the sexes, in two people who feel ambiguous between each other is lack of sex, do not just think that only men like sex, in fact, women also like, but their implicit expression. To be more precise, they are only implicitly expressed in front of people they don’t know, in front of people they know or like, and that’s the real thing about her, but you don’t see it.

But there are ways to talk about such topics, can not directly say so explicit, that is the way men express, we should take care of women’s feelings. Literary expression of the feelings and likes of the relationship, objectively talk about the relationship to bring beauty to both sides, don’t say how cool they are, how eager the other side is, make both sides are very lewd. Just talk about feelings, as for the intimate details, wait until the moment in bed to practice to feel it.

Third, love-talk flirting

Every woman’s love for men is not resistant, this is also said that women are the root cause of auditory animals, although women say not to believe men’s nonsense is deceptive, it is effective, women are eating this set.

What I’ve said to women:

I miss you (that’s the simplest thing to say)

I can’t live without you, not for a moment

You’re my favourite woman so far

No matter when I will always guard you.

These above are just what I often say to women, but also to throw bricks and jade. More people can Baidu, or Weibo also has a lot of paragraph hands.

What I believe is that as long as brothers do these things well, women will continue to rise to your “feelings” and stick to your side for a long time do not want to leave. Come on!

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