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When she and you stand and hug, your hands are behind her, her waist, behind her head, behind her neck, absolutely don’t touch her chest, she will feel good.

When she sits on your lap and hugs you, you put your hand around your waist and kisses her on the forehead.

Outside but no one’s place to hug, your hand to reach into her underwear, she will be nervous but like.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-what details of boys’ actions make girls moved or even moved?”

If you find that she washed her head, you can hold her tightly, as if to integrate with her, already very tight to continue to hold hard, hard smell her hair, let her hear you smell her hair, she will be a soft body.

When you switch on and off the door, put your hand on it to protect her head, and she’ll feel good about it.

When you put her in your arms, put your shoulders in one hand and pull her over a little hard, so that she doesn’t stand still and hits you in the arms. Pull her with the palm of her hand, make sure to put your arm around and then force, don’t use your finger to grab her arm pullover, otherwise the girl will be delicate, will be caught pain.

Even if she’s slept with you, don’t peek at her private parts, whether it’s her chest or thighs, and even if you’ve slept with her a thousand times, she thinks you’re disgusting. Don’t peek, look directly and boldly, just let her find that you’re looking at her without shying away, and then you’re going to say in her ear, “Wow, that’s beautiful.” ”

You can’t say it’s beautiful, but you have to say wow in a praising tone.

Give fewer gifts, develop the habit of not giving gifts at ordinary times, and giving gifts as soon as you give them.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-what details of boys’ actions make girls moved or even moved?”

Look more at bloggers such as Li Jiaqi, find the same skin colour as your girlfriend beauty blogger, through his recommendation to choose good-looking colours, lipstick a send at least six.

Gift box to buy up to 12 lipstick, do not buy dozens of, love you woman will treat you as silly, because 12 good colour, dozens of pressure warehouse colour pure waste of money. If she is happy to accept, on behalf of her has no intention of living with you.

Don’t spit in front of her women’s cosmetics expensive, will be very low because really not as expensive as you smoke. At most, when you buy at first, you spend more, and in the long run, you don’t spend as much on smoking.

You can spit with her slot bag expensive, rest assured bold spit together because she will spit with your slot.

But don’t spit her own, just spit in the shop.

And she pressed her face and choked her neck while she was in bed unsealable. Keep it under control, don’t hurt her.

Hold it down and let her look at you and make her aware of what she’s doing with you. Don’t be like a fool asking her to see what you’re doing, but to make her realize that if she’s shy or covers her face with a quilt, pulls the quilt off, continues to look at her, and then kisses her and gasps in her ear.

That’s when she hugged her tightly, but with her elbows on the bed, don’t press her, she’ll have trouble breathing.

Bite her lips, bite her shoulders, pay attention to the strength.

Never ask her how upset she is.

Cerebral palsy only ask this kind of thing.

Ask her if it’s cold, and if it’s cold, give her a lid, and the heat will help her pull the bee. If you want to change your posture, ask her if you want some water when you stop, then take the initiative to bring a cup and hold her and feed her water.

Because she’s really thirsty.

Don’t smoke, don’t play with your cell phone, hold her for a few minutes.

Kiss her at the first opportunity.

No matter where, no matter where, even in front of her friends and family, at the first opportunity to steal a kiss.

Kiss gently, don’t stick out your tongue, touch your lips quickly.

If you want to kiss deeply, I understand that deep kisses are only two ways.

One is to suddenly pull her into her arms and kiss her directly without warning. Hold her tight and kiss her warmly. Remember to pull it back with the palm of your hand, don’t use your fingers, her arm will hurt.

The other is a half-kiss without a kiss, and she rubs the tip of her nose, from time to time the lips gently touch and quickly leave, gives her you want to kiss her but dial her feeling. At that moment, she’ll kiss you like crazy. 

Always let her know you’re gasping for her, whether it’s kissing her or sleeping with her, and few women can resist a man’s wheezing.

Let her hear, let her smell, let her face feel.

So friends who smoke but don’t brush their teeth, don’t insult themselves.

Unless she smokes, too.

If she doesn’t smoke, never kiss her without brushing her teeth or eating mint or chewing gum, it will reduce her love for you again and again, even if the couple will reduce it to nothing.

When you eat, help her push the chair, you can not remember what she likes to eat, but you always remember what she hates to eat.

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