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Some people say that “flirting is a show of love in the art of words”, in our time of great need for personality and charm, the role of flirting is self-evident. We encourage you to learn to be flirts, not to encourage you to hook up but to teach you how to make your others love you more.

We can roughly divide girls into three categories.

The first type of girls are flirting master, this kind of girls know how to use some skillful flirting so that boyfriends love themselves more. Boys and this kind of girl together will feel very interesting.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-teach you to flirt like this, let him be irresistible to you!”

The second category of girls are want to flirt, understand some flirting skills, but each attempt is always not the desired effect, and even let the boyfriend will be wrong, make the scene very embarrassing.

The third category of girls are completely do not understand, will not flirt, boys and this kind of girls get along for a long time, will feel very boring, originally sweet honey love, light like a glass of boiled water like tasteless, even if they will not change their hearts will be very disappointed in you.

If you happen to belong to the second or third category of girls, then you must look down! As long as you have mastered the following content, and then apply, I believe you will soon be able to become a let him want to stop the goblins!


Do the early stages of dating well

Dressing up can pave the way for your flirting work, which complements your next flirting moves. Imagine if you dressed like an abstinence nun, could your boyfriend still afford to ask you?

Some girls may feel that flirting isn’t just provoking interest? Wouldn’t it be okay to wear an exposed sexy point in front of your boyfriend to attract his attention?

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-teach you to flirt like this, let him be irresistible to you!”

Therefore, many girls think that when dating a boyfriend wearing low-cut, ultra-short hot pants is sexy, is flirting, can let him be your hook upside down. But in fact, most of the boys still do not want, their girlfriends and their own go out, dress in too many clothes. If you’re in love for a short time and you’re wearing too much exposure, it might make him think you’re an open-minded girl, and he’ll consider whether you’re fit to develop as a long-term object.

There’s a sentence in Bai Juye’s “Travel” that says, “Hold half-masked.” “Used to describe a woman’s shy, half-exposed deity, the most beloved.” Small areas to reveal the advantages of their own body, do not need to do anything, just sit there quietly, but will give each other more room for imagination.

More detailed dress-up skills, but also according to the actual situation of the individual to decide, if you want to be well prepared for the date to wear, our emotional analysis can give you advice in this regard Oh!


Choose a scene to flirt

There have been girls who told me that she and her boyfriend for a period of time, think he is simply too wooden, he clearly used the body to tease him, but he was very puzzled, completely did not respond to girls.

I asked her exactly how to implement it, she said, she dressed beautifully to accompany her boyfriend to watch the ball, and then during the period and the other side some intimate physical contact, to suggest the other side, but the boys only care about watching the ball, even when she muttered a kiss, the boys did not respond, but also let the girls quietly do not disturb him to watch the ball.

In fact, this girl is typical, with a gun in hand, but do not know how to use, the gun has no power, can only become a walnut-smashing shovel, clearly, he mastered some flirting skills, not optimistic about the situation to use, but is the end of the upside-down.

It can be seen that the boys must be an avid fan, in this case, it is the same as you let him choose between you and the favourite things, people do not like to be disturbed when focusing on one thing, emotions are also affected by the course of the game. So it’s reasonable that girls are thrown cold water.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-teach you to flirt like this, let him be irresistible to you!”

However, as long as you pay more attention to the occasion and atmosphere will not happen this kind of effort not to please things.

For example, when shopping with her boyfriend, happen to or by you guide each other, walk to the underwear counter, see the kind of interest to show him, and then quietly lie in his ear and ask him, “You guess I wear this will not look good.” ”

If you’re dating at the cinema, you can share a bucket of popcorn with your boyfriend, you can feed him when he’s focused on the movie, and then when he subconsciously bows his head and eats popcorn, it’s not funny to feed it with his mouth, just in time for a creamy KISS?

Therefore, it is best to choose a comfortable scene, both sides are more relaxed state, and then to flirt with the action, so that boys will be more likely to get to the point you want to hint at him, more to achieve your desired effect.


How to flirt with words and actions

In fact, the most important thing about flirting is that some actions or words can make the other side reverie.

Let’s start with the little movements of girls who can make a boy’s heart tremble.

First of all, you can tease your hair, this can be aimed at girls or boys, if you have fluttering hair, that in front of his care not to dial a few times, will also make him feel very sexy.

If you’re in a relationship, you can also be lazy at the weekend to watch a movie in his arms, gently stroke his hair, let his fingers through his hair, let him melt in your nails, very romantic.

Second, use your eyes cleverly. It can be said that flirting soul is your eyes, no matter what way you dial your boyfriend, as long as the eyes in place, it will be 50% success. For example, you can slightly put away your chin and look at him with innocent and slightly shy eyes. That kind of anticipation and some delicate eyes are very moving. Try it occasionally and it will work well.

Finally, of course, there are no fewer skills when flirting with your boyfriend.

First, you have to arouse the other person’s curiosity, and then unwittingly give an express or implied answer, let the other person to reminiscing or associate.

For example, two people travel together, boys driving, you can pretend to chat with him easily, say “how the red light has not arrived yet?” ”

Boys will ask you, “Why to wait for the red light?” ”

You can go back to him “because wait until the red light can kiss you!” ”

When a boy is sneered at by you, the male hormones may rise rapidly, and the atmosphere in the car becomes ambiguous, making the otherwise boring trip immediately full of fun.

In general, the essence of flirting, in fact, is in the appropriate context, the use of moderate words, so that the hearts of both lovers arouse the ripples of love. A girl who knows how to respond and initiate flirting will certainly make your soul haunt and turn the other way.

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