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A man is a simple and strange creature, clearly, you feel that he likes you, but he does not act;

Isn’t it ugly, if you’re ugly he won’t see you?

So what’s the reason?

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-it’s a way of flirting. It’s a way of making him want you”

You have to stimulate his strong desire.

1. Rationalize close contact

Body language has an unexpectedly magical effect, can convey a wealth of emotional language.

Touching a limb gently, such as leaning your head over his shoulder and tidying up his clothes, can ignite a love fire more than intense physical contact.

Quietly dial his dependence and attraction on you, tickling in his heart, it is by these small movements to convey love.

2, language hints

The addition of “couple cues” to couples’ daily conversations can help attract men’s attention and arouse their desires, according to sex experts.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-it’s a way of flirting. It’s a way of making him want you”

For example, excuses for stiff necks, asking him to massage your back, or excuses that the movie is too scary for him to sit around and watch with you, are all tried and tested. 

3, try to praise him

Everyone is the kind of person who can’t help but be angry when he hears sweet words, and a compliment can bring endless self-confidence and vitality to the other person.

Happy marriage, can not be separated from mutual care, praise is to protect loved ones of the continuities of skills.

Giving warm encouragement and praise in every success will make the emotional life more harmonious and perfect.

Praising his jeans fits well, and his new hairstyle looks refreshing, both of which are a great way to boost love.

4, back to the test

As he lies on the couch, you can stare into his eyes and talk to him about what he wants to do to you or say what you want to do to him.

At this time it is best not to rush, you may as well listen to music, drink a glass of red wine, try to control the atmosphere, do not directly from the romantic mood into simple rough.

Restrain yourself from touching each other and see who can resist the temptation. This “no-hands-on” foreplay can greatly increase the emphasis on emotional effect.

5, slowly pull close

You don’t have to spray your breath on his tie knot or ear, but don’t stay away from him.

Take the next step and let him get rid of you, break the proper distance to maintain politeness, and don’t flinch, a move that can quickly bring you closer to his heart.

If you really can’t flirt, it’s better to take a dignified route.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-it’s a way of flirting. It’s a way of making him want you”

In China, from the number of female stars, pure and beautiful, there is charm and style, but rare. The universal aesthetic of society also influences the weather for choosing a mate. Some men want to marry a pure wife to go home, hope she is a dignified wife image. Quietly show your inner desire behind the restraint.

Whether in love or marriage, flirting women tend to be more attractive to men.

Because proper flirting can seize a man’s heart, let him dream about you, it is a weapon to consolidate the relationship between husband and wife.

Psychological research shows that only 20% of the behaviours that are truly at our disposal in life are unconscious behaviours that guide you.

See this theory, I believe we are all as surprised as I was, did not expect subconscious manipulation of behaviour in life occupied such a large proportion!

Some people say that a person in love with you is not how good you are, but you let him fall in love with the feeling that you like you, this is not said to be subconscious?

In this way, subconscious implantation will make people who would otherwise be less interested in you feel good about you and will make people who would otherwise want to break up with you reluctant.

Even when you’re off, your attention will always be on you!

In fact, there are a lot of tips to give men subconscious attraction, so how to use the subconscious to make men love you more?

Subconscious attraction is actually very simple, and skilled, you will become the other side’s eyes “grinding goblins.”

A lot of people come across a situation that has deteriorated after a dead end.

In fact, you need to know that no one in the relationship is the beginning to take a good hand since you have wasted the previous card, then change strategy, are still able to pull back the opportunity. Those who recover unsuccessfully often play bad cards at the beginning, do not know how to think to change the way, and thus step by step wrong.

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