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Many boys are distressed in the pursuit of long-term girls, there has been no progress, but in fact, and girls relationship promotion does not depend on how many days of chat, contact how long to decide, many people have been in contact with a lifetime are ordinary friends, the hard pursuit of N years but still fruitless examples are numerous.

Know that a lot of times it’s not that you don’t have a chance, it’s that you don’t know how to flirt with girls!

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-if you flirt with your sister like this, she will be itchy to you!”

In an ambiguous relationship, flirting plays a big catalytic role in the heating up of feelings. Especially when men chase women, proper flirtation can let women lower the psychological boundaries of you, let you do more with less.

“Flirting” is divided into language and physical behaviour, is a key step in the interaction with girls, the lack of this step, it is difficult to have emotional warming.

1. Verbal teasing

Among the many methods of flirting, verbal flirting is very technical and very horizontal. Verbal teasing requires not only vivid language but also physical cooperation, to be considered perfect.

For example, when you’re half an hour late for a date, the average person will say apologetically, “I’m sorry, I’m late because of traffic jams and so on…”

Imagine, in the cold wind for half an hour of girls, will calmly say it doesn’t matter, and then continue to chat happily with you?

But if you can change your mind, for example, you can joke: “To ease your tension, I deliberately arrived a little late…” The other party may be angry when they hear this good and funny, and then say: “I am not nervous, see what you have so nervous …”

For example, when a girl eats with you, accidentally knocks over a drink, compared to those who will only say “I’ll wipe it for you” if you can tease her a sentence “although I am handsome, you do not have to be so nervous”, is not only to resolve the embarrassment of girls but also to instantly mobilize her emotions? 

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-if you flirt with your sister like this, she will be itchy to you!”

2. Body flirting

Body language has an international advantage over language flirting. Because people think in the language of words, so first of all, the use of words and language flirting, the recipient after receiving information, understanding and thinking, naturally becomes more rational.

And by flirting with body contact and body language, you can more step-by-step stimulate the animal nature of a man, talk to her heart and body, rather than the brain, and directly torture her about what she needs, rather than accepting it.

For example, a girl said that their hands and feet cold in winter, then you can go to touch the girl’s hand, and then said: “Actually so cold?” Then you’ll have to find a warm boyfriend later. ”

For example, in a noisy environment, you can pretend you can’t hear the other person, but you have to come close to whispering, and then, sweet praise: you smell good oh. I remember spraying some perfume in advance to give off a charming breath when I was close to her.

Or when you cross the road, naturally hold the girl’s hand, or eat a girl love to eat a dish actively fed to her, etc., are the classic scene of physical flirtation.

When you can flirt with a girl, your relationship will naturally change qualitatively, and girls will gradually develop a subtle emotion for you.

Flirting is based on girls’ interest in you, and if you haven’t reached this stage yet, you need to look for answers from your base attraction, such as whether you match the girl’s appearance, your level and whether the girl is very different.

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