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Flirting, in itself, is an exceptionally beautiful process, so it’s a great way to express love to the opposite sex and an important way for you to capture love from the opposite sex, whether you’re a boy or a girl.

In real life, most girls like to be teased by boys, whether you admit it or not. Because teasing will make girls feel that they are attractive, they are popular, in the process of teasing, girls are often praised side.

Therefore, we need to learn to tease girls in the process of making girls.

Some of the key points for teasing girls:

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-how to flirt with women correctly?”

1. Stimulate emotions

Mobilize each other’s emotions, let the other side angry, happy, disappointed, surprise. In short, it’s a constant emotional experience for her. For example, get her angry first, and then make her happy. Let her do an emotional roller coaster.

2. Chat tips

In fact, this is often because both sides in the process of communication have shown a certain degree of naughty, naughty and even hip-hop, which can greatly ease the atmosphere of embarrassment, promote communication between the two sides. There is a sentence called men are not bad, women do not love, and some people say that girls like little bad boys, in fact, this is the truth. Of course, in this process, a certain degree of sexual innuendo is also one of the reasons for the pleasant communication between the two sides. Whether it’s hip-hop naughty, or possible sexual innuendo, it’s not going to end well without the combination of verbal and body language, just moving your feet, and just being light-hearted.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-how to flirt with women correctly?”

3. Petite

You may find it disgusting that men are petting, but these do work for women. When you are already close to her, you may want to give her a petite to stimulate her desire for protection, resulting in more subtle feelings. In a woman’s eyes, a man can also be small fresh meat. Don’t let her think you’re an “ice cube” and respect you. Also, saying something ambiguous in a joking way, or knowingly or not praising her in front of someone, will make her feel useful and get closer to you more quickly.

4. Want to indulge

Don’t always pester her, that will only let her see you flat, ignore your value. For him, it’s enough to give her a boost from time to time, and stay away from her for the rest of the time and continue to be your cold man. Sometimes she is particularly enthusiastic, from time to time smile back at her or pretends to accidentally touch her, and sometimes she is very cold, even if she chases you you do not pinch him. In this way, if the mysterious feeling of leaving, cold and hot will make her addicted, unknowingly began to be deeply attracted by you. 

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-how to flirt with women correctly?”

5. Whisper

In a good teasing process, there will always be one side to deliberately look for some perfect excuse, so that you can get close to the other side, in the other side’s ear to say something quietly, and before the other side feels the possible discomfort or feels violated, the right time to pull out.

At the same time, in the process of communication, boys should take the initiative to touch the girl’s hands or knees and other parts, combined with whispers in the ear, this will make girls have an illusion that boys and their own share of the content only know, girls will feel that boys are trusting themselves, which can effectively close the distance between the two sides.

Whether it’s hooligans or flirting depends on how you do it.

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