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Foreplay is a combination of psychology and emotion and physiology between men and women. What matters is the premise of the two sides entering a state of mind when preparing for sex. Simple as whispering, biting your lips, strolling together, sitting quietly with each other reading or listening to music, dragging or hugging each other, all of which can make the two immediately build trust, let men and women melt together in a moment. To sum up the men most want the in-love foreplay is no more than the following 8 kinds.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-flirting skills that men can’t stop”

1, slowly perform a strip show

John, 40, looked forward to it: her skirt to her thighs, her hands swimming in her legs, her socks removed. Then slowly unzip the shirt buttons, each unzips a button she will throw at me provocative eyes, and finally, the underwear slipped off my shoulders, which is crazy!

2, flirting text messages

Paul, 27, said: ‘Occasionally, she would send me a sexually explicit text message and I like to get this kind of ‘naughty text message’ from her. By the time we get home, we’ll be ready to fight soon.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-flirting skills that men can’t stop”

3. Walk around the house in high heels and a white shirt

“After work, she always wears 10 minutes of high heels and a white shirt, naked, with her head held high and her hips twisted, and shows off her sexy gait. Until it caught my attention, each time I had the urge to carry her directly into the bedroom. Sean, 30, said.



4, whisper, bite the lips

Whisper to him gently, “You’re so sexy in that shirt!” Or “I love you, husband” or something like that. Then pick his ears with the tip of his tongue and bite his earlobe with his teeth. Every time he felt as if he had electricity on his back. Kevin, 34, recalls.

5, but sex on the work schedule

Mark, 42, said: “One day, I opened the day’s work schedule and suddenly found ‘7 pm: Love.’ ‘It must have been the day before she took the notebook out of my bag and added this special task. You guessed it, I was on time to get home that night! ”

6, passionately kiss him

“Once, we sat on the couch watching the video together, and she leaned her head on my lap, grabbed my hand, kissed each finger slowly, and affectionately ‘locked’ my eyes with both eyes. How could I miss such a straight signal, so I paused the video…” recalls Mike, 37.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-flirting skills that men can’t stop”

7. There are no clothes in the coat

“One night, my wife and I were out eating, and when we sat down, she didn’t want to take off her coat. I asked her why. She stared at me and mysteriously said, ‘Absolutely not.’ Take off my coat and I’ll only have a pair of high heels! ‘It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen! Tom, 31, said.

8, listen to some music and dance

“She turned on the stereo, turned up the volume to the maximum, and danced with me in the room, and we were soon able to paint like glue.” Bill, 37, said.

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