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100 percent of men have sexual fantasies, and more than 95 percent of women have sexual fantasies. This means that “masturbation” is a common food for human beings, and it is unnecessary to feel shy or even guilty about it.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-flirting games before couple’s life”

The brain is the largest organ in the body, and men have 34 sexual fantasies a day, according to surveys. It is about every 28 minutes that you get rid of eight hours of sleep. Men think about food every 38 minutes of the day and sleep every 33 minutes. Men’s desire for sex is clearly the most frequent compared to other physiological needs. So that’s why mv, the Japanese AV Korean women’s League, is so hot. So if you’ve never been included in a man’s sexual fantasy, it’s enough to prove that your feminine charm needs to be improved. In monogamous love, day after day cards will be boring, so instead of letting your men go to the world, you can play sex games. Today, I will talk about the basic version of the flirting game. 

Flirting Game is also a kind of foreplay, but this is more interesting, can reflect your lovely and personality. It is also different from other sexual partners only in a way of affinity.

The first, and also a more dangerous, record of passion.

One of you plays the photographer first, the other as a model. The latter must be left to the former, then make the other party designated various provocative positions, in the other side of the lens to show your own sexual charm.

There is a saying that men like reserved sluts and wave maids, so you must be able to act. Can play AV male or female, while watching and trying all the body movements and pictures of the desire, and then record many good memories! Let go of yourself. Of course, this is a look at character. Don’t shoot casually when you don’t know each other. After shooting, you should delete it immediately, so as not to leave the handle after the breakup for slag man.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-flirting games before couple’s life”

The second way is to jump out of the clothes show.

Dim the lights in your home, dress your sexiest suit in the hazy and play fascinating music. You can start a primitive private undressing show for your partner. Before that, sisters should practice simple actions in the mirror. As long as nature is charming, you should not have psychological pressure. Your men will not ask you very much, They’re happy enough to try to please them.

The third method, blindfold, is to try.

Take a towel or handkerchief to cover your partner’s eyes and then feed him to taste different foods. Just take one bite at a time to see if the other party can identify what they eat. This method is famous for the movie “love you for nine and a half weeks” by the heroine Mickey Locke and Kim Basinger playing this “good guess one guess” flirting game. This is also a representative work in flirting movies. Also, there are classic works such as “the pretty secretary of the Fengliu boss”, “the beautiful legend of Sicily”, “peony flower” and “love and medicine”, which are classic works that combine spirit and meat, love and humanity.

The fourth method is to exchange gender.

It’s simple, that is, men pretend to be women, women pretend to be men, you can imagine how he usually treats you how you can treat her. When you have enough time, you can bring back the role play. Needless to say, you can try to know the mystery of the game.

The fifth method, draw lots.

Both people look for small pieces of paper, one by one, write down the sexual behaviours they have secretly longed for or curious about, collect them, draw lots, and then discuss the above topics and share their desires. If both agree, say little, act.

Here are some flirting games. You can also buy some fun dice or fun products to continue to explore.

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