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How to flirt with girls cleverly is crucial for a man who is getting a girl.

Whether it’s a sloppy or difficult step depends entirely on how you use flirting.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-clever “flirting” is a skill that every man must learn”

First of all, we must understand that flirting can not rely on language alone, it should be the perfect combination of body language and oral language. Flirting itself is an incredibly good process, so it’s a great way to express love to the opposite sex, and it’s an important way to capture the opposite sex’s heart.

Some boys are willing to flirt with any girl, even those who don’t seem attractive, and as a bystander, it may be hard to understand why they can talk so closely and be so happy.

In fact, this is often because both sides in the process of communication have shown a certain degree of naughty, naughty, and even hip-hop, these greatly ease the awkward atmosphere, but also promote the communication between the two sides.

A lot of people say that girls like bad boys, in fact, this is the truth.

In the course of this communication, there may be some degree of sexual innuendo, but whether it is naughty or some degree of sexual innuendo, the two can not be separated from oral language and body language.

If only simple language pick, simple move manual feet, then generally will not have any good end.

In real life, most girls like to be teased by boys, whether she admits it or not, but that’s the way it is.

Because teasing girls, will make girls feel that they are attractive, they are popular, in the process of teasing, girls are often praised side.

As a boy, you should pay attention to, teasing girls, girls will be happy in addition to what else?

Perhaps most girls will be confused by your praise, but some girls think about other things in their hearts.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-clever “flirting” is a skill that every man must learn”

She would think: Do you tease other girls like this? When are you going to tease me? When are you going to take the next step? What’s the difference between me and the other girls in your heart? What is my position in your mind?

After reading this, do you think that these inner thoughts of girls will hinder your next move?

In fact, on the contrary, girls’ ideas will be crucial to your success.

One: eye contact

Basically, all masters use their eyes as their weapons, they dare to look at women with direct and gentle eyes, their message to women is: “I am a confident, friendly, attractive boy.” ”

However, most boys are afraid to look girls in the eye, because we will be shy!

It doesn’t matter, most boys do, but you have to change that and look directly at her the next time you see her until she moves her eyes away.

On this alone, you are different from most men.

Second: create an atmosphere

If you think flirting is a woman’s patent, you’re wrong.

For example, to someone secretly send autumn waves, eyebrows, a look these can be counted as flirtation.

So, in this sense, men can be equal to women in flirting.

Although indeed, men and women often do not agree on communication, it is possible to try to make the conversion process fascinating and enjoyable.

Both men and women feel guilty for hiding the truth and changing their usual manners, but acting and hypocrisy often occur in conversations between the two sides.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-clever “flirting” is a skill that every man must learn”

Mastering the false “degree” is very important, you can make the girl happy and compliment her, you can praise her beauty.

You need to praise in good faith, not to make yourself into a completely different person to attract the opposite sex.

Be honest and feel comfortable with yourself and feel comfortable with each other.

Three: gentle skin contact

This skin contact, not only to be gentle but also to be non-aggressive.

Such contact is good for the sister, but also the sake of the sister, but also protection.

For example, gently hold each other’s shoulders, pull each other’s hands through the crowd, gently hold her arm when encountering a car.

This kind of contact, can let the girl feel your self-confidence, control, but also let the girl know that you will take care of people.

Basically, all women feel safe and warm from a man like you.

Four: humorous flirtation

In communicating with girls, you should show some relaxation and humour.

The premise of flirting with each other is that you have to have a certain sense of familiarity, for example, when you first met, flirting is not feasible.

You can joke like this:

Man: “Your legs are more abstract, I can’t hold both hands”;

Man: “Your eyes look at me flashing, is not discharged at me?” ”

Man: Why aren’t you looking for a boyfriend, you’ve been waiting for me? ” 

The latest two examples, while flirting with each other, are also ambiguous with each other. It’s very lethal to women.

Five: want to indulge

Women love to play this trick, so this trick is to learn from women.

Have you ever met, in the chat with women, would have been a good chat, the result suddenly ignored people?

Or, you two are on the way to success, the result she felt not dominant, will say to you: “A man is chasing me, what kind, you say, I want to be good with him?” ”

Yes, girls use this on you, and again, you can use it on her.

Six: Leave at the right time

When your sister shows no interest in your topic, don’t be reluctant, don’t pull your sister to continue talking to you.

If she really wants to talk to you, she’ll take the initiative to talk, but if not, you’ll leave at the right time.

Don’t let your sister hate you, so it’s convenient to keep talking next time.

Seven: flirting words

Woman: “You’re good or bad”

Man: I’m bad, you like it.

Woman: “Why are you so coloured?” ”

Man: “I only colour you, it means I like you in my heart”

It’s just a few simple flirting words, more you need to find in life, and then make more use of it.

In short, flirting is a skill that every one of us must learn.

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