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Sex-related topics are always particularly attractive, and this has to do with our breeding instincts. The media industry often says “sex sells”, and men and women, who are described as “sexy”, are always the most eye-catching in the crowd.

So, what’s the essence of sexiness? What kind of dress will make you look sexier? Fasten your seat belt, I read papers for the people, and today we’ll talk about sexiness.

1 “Red is the colour of sexual arousal”

Dres’s recommendations that need to be used with caution

To do this “sexy” thing, it takes the cooperation of both sides: one side shows a tendency to accept sex (“I’m ready! The other party has sex-related thoughts about it, and even makes sexual attempts (“Let me go! ”)

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-4 facts about sexuality”

Usually, the “ready” side refers to the female animal, and the “let me come” side refers to the male animal. But in human sexual behaviour, we have long broken through this male active, female passive mode, so the human “sexy” also appear more colourful.

However, no matter how “colourful”, red is always the sexiest colour.

Many studies of non-human animals have suggested that “redness” in females is a symbol of their willingness to accept sexual intercourse, which attracts males. Mazda et al. believe that such phenomena can also occur in humans.

They described several experiments in a study published in 2012. The subjects were asked to look at photos of the same woman wearing a red and white top and were asked to assess whether she showed a tendency to have sex.

The results showed that when women were dressed red, men tended to think they were more likely to have sex and therefore appeared more “sexy”. However, they don’t realize that it’s red that makes the opposite sex in front of them look sexier.

Although the study has some flaws, it is an explanation for the concept of “sexy”: when you see a person’s “sexy”, you see the possibility of that person having sex with themselves. Of course, there are many different interpretations of different disciplines and streaming parties, and here’s just a direction of interpretation.

Ayawawa says there’s nothing wrong with “red is the colour of sexual arousal”, and wearing red for the first time on a date with a man you like maybe a good idea.

But do you want the other person’s affected with you to be based on the “she looks like she’d like to sleep with me”?

(Well, wait a minute, I’ll think about it, this pure physical relationship seems to look good, too??? )

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-4 facts about sexuality”


“She was just flirting with me, right?” Wake up to you.

As mentioned earlier, sometimes sexiness isn’t just about a person looking sexually attractive, it’s also about looking “sexy” when you think the other person is willing to have sex with them.

Men always seem to be more confident than women about whether they have “that meaning” to themselves. For example, some women may not have much to eat with their male friends, but boys may over-interpret her motives.

Some even put out the words, “Men are potential rapists.” Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

But there are plenty of laboratory studies that show that for many heterosexual men, women’s friendliness and smile are often mistaken for sexual innuendo; This is called sexual cognitive bias, or sexual over-perception.

Don’t seduce people into !!!

Physiological psychology has some explanations for brain regions and hormone levels, which are also associated with the cost of sexual intercourse and reproduction. Male physiological characteristics are more supportive of him to “try and error”, while women’s physiological characteristics make them more risk-averse.

But social psychology has a different view. In a study published in 2016, Wegner et al. noted that not all men have such “problems”, but that radical male gender identity (in this case, “masculinity”, which refers to male characteristics in gender stereotypes) makes women overestimate their sexual will.

Also, Howell et al.’s research has found that individuals’ social sexual orientation predicts their sexual cognitive biases. Social sexual orientation refers to the individual’s conservative-open attitude toward sex, such as one-nightly love affairs, gun friends and other behaviours. They found that the more open the social orientation of men and women, the more likely they were to misunderstand that the opposite sex had “that meaning” to itself.

As a result, not all men are “potential rapists” and not only men “think too much”. There is a lot of talk about men, whether they are “animalizing” men or justification them.

“Questions to flirt with a girl—-4 facts about sexuality”

Both men and women have irresistible instincts and are likely to “think too much”, but are also fully capable of choosing and controlling our social behaviour.

3 Do this kind of work if you dress too sexy

People will say bad things about you

Do female co-workers make you uncomfortable by wearing too sexy?

Before, if she’s dressed so sexy and doesn’t violate the company’s dres code, you can’t stand it even if you don’t look well.

So, if you really don’t feel comfortable looking, is it the female boss who dresses sexy that makes you more uncomfortable, or does the female subordinate dress sexy that makes you more uncomfortable?

Sex, sexy?

In a 2005 study, subjects (men and women) were asked to watch a “professional woman” video in four ways: a sexy/neutral female supervisor and a sexy/neutral female front desk. After watching the video, the subjects were asked to reflect their attitude towards the woman in the form of questionnaires.

It turns out that people have a more negative view of their sexy female bosses. They tend to think that her abilities don’t match her position, and they have more negative feelings about her, which disappear when faced with a sexy woman.

Sexiness has an extremely cruel side to women. In addition to the so-called “sex standard” that makes a woman too harsh on her appearance and figure, appearing sexy can cast doubt on her abilities and qualities, and even maliciously speculate that everything she now gets – wealth, power, status, etc. – is made by selling out the sexiness.

4 The more narcissistic, the sexier?

Yes, but there are conditions.

Narcissism is often seen as a very broomstable trait. Narcissism is always associated with arrogance, hubris and other traits, meet such people we can not even do friends, let them think they are sexy.

But how does narcissism affect people’s performance? Dufner and others discussed the issue in a study published in 2013.

According to their research, narcissism is good for mate selection;

Narcissism is a trait of both pros and cons, it is both self-confidence and maturity. Arrogance usually involves traits such as rejection of communication, arrogance, and so on, which can damage your social outcomes.

But traits that are “confident” in narcissism, such as self-confirmation and self-reinforcing, can make people more socially bold. And self-confidence and boldness are fascinating in socializing and choosing mates because it’s the equivalent of selling yourself to someone who knows you best.

If you can’t like yourself, how can others feel comfortable liking you? So, if you want to be sexy, start by becoming confident and like yourself.


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