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People never have the ability to predict when a relationship will come to an abrupt end, but it seems that all breakups seem to be foreshadowed and reasonable.

“When to leave a relationship quiz—-when should we stop breaking up in love?”

The so-called break-up omens are that each other is not willing to change and compromise, there are only two ways before the two sides: either repeatedly into sad love, or break up to stop each other’s, abusive love.

When you find that love early to change a look “can’t go back, can’t change, the heart is tired”, the break-up is not inevitable is not a decision to end the injury, into each other.

You increasingly don’t know what you’re doing with the people in front of you, and the thought of the future doesn’t have the slightest expectation or even a hint of resistance and disappointment. Then at this time this numb and shaken heart, in fact, is whispering to you “this relationship is over.” ”

Afraid that many people have a lucky mentality, clearly this has no love but not willing, continue a hopeless but doomed one-way abuse.

Each other’s patience and love have been consumed to the extreme, at this time the pay is actually just a “tasteless” struggle to sink investment.

So when should falling in love begin to stop in time?

“When to leave a relationship quiz—-when should we stop breaking up in love?”

1. Lose the basic trust of both sexes

Psychologically, it has been found that the higher the level of trust between the two partners, the greater the sense of dependence and security, so that partners who trust each other are more likely to develop comfort and well-being.

When a relationship loses its foundational sense of trust, one side’s patience is diminished by the extreme suspicion of the other, and the sense of gain in love with each other is greatly diminished. Love will also be in this suspicion and monitoring, into a vicious circle.

The most common crisis of trust between couples is: always check each other’s mobile phones, must know the other party’s full whereabouts, require one party must do seconds back, through the “loyalty test” constantly test each other.

When there is an irre reconciliable crisis of trust between the two sexes, then the two sexes begin to become role of regulators and regulators, natural love is also in a state of doubt about each other’s feelings, and thus reduce the sense of belonging and recognition of each other’s feelings.

If the other person has “everything you need to explain” in life, you also choose to fabricate and hide.

Then for this relationship to begin to move towards the state of the look of God, there will be a day to the “other side lazy to guess, their own lazy editing” state, love also came to an end.

2, the emotional “deal-breaker” appeared

“deal-breaker” refers to the element of events that, once emerging, inevitably lead to the end of the relationship.

The meaning derived from intimacy refers to events that touch the other person’s bottom line without compromise and tolerance, most of which include physical violence, cold violence, behavioural misconduct, and character flaws.

Such a “deal-breaker” is in fact a period of incubation.

This is reflected in the fact that when you are just starting to fall in love, these behavioural flaws don’t show up quickly, but as the dating time progresses, there are constantly advanced trials that are fully revealed.

Take physical violence.

Such behaviour is to induce and confuse the victim by portraying himself as a high-quality partner in the early stages of the relationship, but as the days grow and conflicts break out, the partner is forced to accept his or her own violence and instills a “violent and reasonable” illusion.

And all of the above acts of violence are not revealed in an instant, but in the trial and again will become more serious harm to the partner, so that love gradually into a vicious circle.

So once there is a “deal-breaker” in love, and the other person has a harbinger to hurt you or has begun to hurt you, then it is time to close your hands and reduce the harm you have suffered.

3, the frequency of contradictions and no change has become the norm

There are many times when a break-up is not an instantaneous result, but rather the result of a small contradiction that cannot be reconciled over and over again.

“Whatever you do, there is an impulse to quarrel with each other” is a daily picture of many pre-breakup couples. No one wants to change each other, but to rely on one direction and the other to compromise to maintain love.

If both parties refuse to change, it means they refuse to continue.

Such frequent contradictions of life, most of them are in the bland period of the couple’s daily life. The high-level party in love doesn’t just ask for a change but neglects its role in the relationship.

The result will only be that the lower will struggle to cope with your unilateral demands for change, and in the eyes of the lower “the relationship will become unusually tired and unreasonable”.

Maintaining the balance of love, if only by compromise and pressure, will finally one day let the low can not bear to explode. And the high man is used to the compromise of the lower man and the idea that “he doesn’t love me anymore”.

When those who are accustomed to compromise no longer compromise, and those who force compromise do not make changes, then every difference of opinion will become the cause of the outbreak of contradictions, love will soon reach the point of parting ways.

4, the two sides of the value of the choice of the great conflict

It has to be said that there are many times when it is not loveless, but naked and cold reality factors that defeat love.

Off-the-ground problems, family factors, social status, and personal realistic choices can all become fatal factors in defeating love, while these real factors also erode the stability of love life in the course of communication.

“Where are you going” “What are you going to be” “What’s next” Is the value choice for these three issues, and if there is a great conflict between the two sides, it is likely to be the fuse of each other’s emotional breakup.

For example, you want to go to the first-tier cities to develop better social resources and status, and your partner wants to stay in your hometown to live a secure life. In fact, these two choices are right and wrong, but they have become a gap between each other that can not be resolved.

There is a kind of break-up is called “to become the whole person, to become the whole self”.

Adult love is often not enough to have love but to consider too many realistic factors. So now love pays attention to a word, called “match”.

This “match” is not just a so-called door-to-door pair, but rather a match between the judgment and choice of the values of the sexes.

Therefore, falling in love is actually a process of evaluating and compromising each other’s value choices, and also a ranking of each other’s value to life. In the process, each needs to know which realities are the most important and which conflicts remain unsolved.

Therefore, in love need to run into each other, but really encounter are reconciling, and affect the future emotional development of the real problem, sometimes break up is not a kind of mutual success.

5, the two sides look different from each other’s interaction mode

Simply put, there is no love.

In fact, when your heart, again and again, produces the idea of “break up”, and often imagine “the days after the break-up, maybe more free and happy.” Then even if each other do not say, in fact, at this time the love has come to the brink.

And the love patterns that look good tend to be revealed in the following behaviours:

The feeling of missing is gradually missing

“The brief separation brings not thoughts, but an inner revelry on both sides.”

The feeling of miss is actually a side of love and common feelings. When the two parties in love will not take the initiative to produce this kind of miss mood, but in a short period of life without each other, experience the long-lost comfort and comfort, then the love at this time is actually a burden for both sides.

If the partners can do not care, do not miss, then in fact in each other’s hearts, “the other side is just a name.” The same love will be in this model of mutual care, gradually to the point of collapse.

The gradual loss of the sense of the role

When a person is in love, start emptying up all about your circle of friends, refusing to socialize with you on the same occasion, and not revealing your existence to outsiders.

Then at this time, the other side is just waiting for a time to say break up, the same will be in this “lost sense of role” days for their own way back.

If a party loses his or her identity to his or her role in the relationship and begins to pay attention to the other opposite sex, then for him at this point “the current relationship with you is only a slow-down, and when he finds a new love, the break-up will be happy”.

So this time, the most should immediately reduce their investment, at this time in the other side’s mind you are just a “current spare tire” just.

The sense of anticipation is gradually lost

When you start to get tired of having his tomorrow, prove that you’re excluding the relationship at this point.

Although you still feel that you don’t want to be apart at this time, the real idea inside you is, “You just like to fall in love, but you don’t like to fall in love with him.” ”

When you find that the other person in the eye “actually can be replaced by anyone”, with him just let life better, without him can not affect the current life. Then love is a necessity for you at this time, and he is not.

If each other’s eyes are only on the future, and there is no sense of anticipation for the future of love, then this relationship in fact in each other’s hearts has long been drawn to an end. When each other’s freshness and passion fade, the break-up is on schedule in front of each other.

All of the above looks like a divine mode of communication, for the break-up of each other, have a “reasonable, unexpected” feeling. So instead of making all the investment in sentiment a “sinking capital”, it’s better to close early and stop the loss in time.

Make yourself worthy of being loved by someone who loves you more, so that you don’t kill and hurt each other. Breaking up is not an optimal option.

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