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Today, I saw a survey online in which psychologists in New York surveyed more than 3,000 couples who had been married for more than 20 years and found that most of them had experienced life setbacks such as extramarital affairs, illness and unemployment. Experts believe that people are more likely to cherish love after experiencing ups and downs.

“When to leave a relationship quiz—-the four stages of love, in which stage will your relationship end”

In foreign psychological clinics, everyday couples consult emotional problems, and even some therapists deliberately create trouble for both husband and wife, so that each other have a misunderstanding and return to good, to increase each other’s feelings.

So, no matter how painful you are, believe that if the other person can have a love for you, you will be able to look back again, no matter how hysterical you break up, or how many mistakes you made, as long as you master the secret of recovery, love is not far away.

Why do some people fall apart when they love?

I’ve seen a lot of couples break up and ask why, and I can’t tell you why. In fact, love has a shelf life, just like everything in the world will follow the process of old and sick death.

In love defeated by reality, there are usually four stages, and perhaps you only notice one of them but ignore the other three equally important stages.

“When to leave a relationship quiz—-the four stages of love, in which stage will your relationship end”

1.the coexistence stage of love

This stage is said to be a period of love between the two sides, you always want to be with each other, he is unlimited to you and a lot of input, your love will be all around the blessing of friends, the social state left behind all your dog food.

Your sweet everyone can see, you first feel that “love could have been so beautiful”, but also came up with “my life is not he does not marry OR he does not marry” idea.

2.the anti-dependence stage of love

After months of sweetness, the feelings of both sides began to stabilize, one side wants more time to do their own thing, while the other side is still in the last stage, so there will be a feeling of being “snubbed by the other side.”

In most cases, the average girl will feel less secure at this stage, and to get more attention from boys, she will do something to get the other person’s attention.

For example, nothing to look for, non-stop phone calls, quarrels, gambling and so on. At this time you will find that the original in their hearts that perfect lover actually has an imperfect side, the shortcomings of both sides at this time began to slowly expose, but your process of getting along with the overall is not too big a problem, but you always feel that you are running after each other.

“When to leave a relationship quiz—-the four stages of love, in which stage will your relationship end”

3. the independent stage of love

After the above two stages, the insecure side also gradually adjusted their own state, two people began to really enter the run-in period. Two people in this period are a little tired of love, more want to find their own independent space.

Men start to focus on their careers, women start investing in themselves, and once one side down too fast, the other starts to fight. You know, if a couple starts to get jealous and compare, it’s a terrible thing, the slow-moving party starts to doubt the other side, and there’s a communication problem. This situation will continue until one side can not bear the pressure, and thus have the idea of giving up this relationship.

4.The semblable phase of love

When two people have gone through the above three stages, love will begin to turn into affection, and will not have the original feeling of heart-throb.

Your feelings at this stage are the most stable because each other has become the closest person to each other, mutual understanding, mutual support. When love becomes a habit, you become the most important person in each other’s lives.

In fact, many couples are not through the second and third stages and finally lead to separation. If we go back to the beginning, I believe many friends will think, “Why can’t we give each other a little more trust in the first place?”

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