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Generally speaking, a month or two after a breakup is not connected, which almost means that you two are completely over. Especially for the original break-up regret or the man, that is even less opportunity. After the break-up of the final out of the woman, will be more than a man, in the face of the former boyfriend’s compound request generally will not agree. It is estimated that if the woman regrets, and then goes to her ex-boyfriend, the possibility of compounding is still greater, especially if the ex-boyfriend is still single.

“When to leave a relationship quiz—-how long does not contact after breaking up even if complete end”

After breaking up want to compound the best cold treatment first

After breaking up want to compound, it is best to cold treatment, do not immediately go back to find others, to give him at least a week or two buffer time. Because even if you get rid of that side also need time, to “experience” without your days, whether it will cherish themselves more, or will become lonely, unhappy, hate themselves.

For example, after a breakup, he doesn’t answer your phone calls, replies to your text messages, or doesn’t want to meet you, or even hears anything about you. Then you must cold-treat it first. Keep the opportunity to intersect with him or her, otherwise even the opportunity to intersect is lost, it is really impossible to recover.

The cold treatment period after the break-up should not be too long

Generally speaking, after the break-up in order not to break the compound hope, it is best to give two people a cold treatment period. However, this cold treatment period should never be too long, not more than half a month or more. If you break up and hang each other for a month or two, and then go to her, that’s no drama.

“When to leave a relationship quiz—-how long does not contact after breaking up even if complete end”

How do you know she hasn’t found her next home in so long? Did you forget about it long ago? Especially women, around the circle of friends is very wide, estimated that a lot of spare tires are waiting for it, but also afraid of breaking up after can not find the next home?

How long does it usually take to break up?

Everyone has a history of falling out of love, and there was a period of calm. The calm period usually occurs after excessive quarrels, with the cold war is still in sharp contrast, but many people because of the anxious to admit mistakes with the other side so entangled, so that only by the other side’s boredom, thus missing the opportunity to recover feelings.

“When to leave a relationship quiz—-how long does not contact after breaking up even if complete end” 

After falling in love, we all feel the pain, many people think that the source of this pain is the other side, and the other side of the separation caused the pain, so to seek comfort, call the phone, send a message, hope to get the other side’s response. In fact, you feel that the root cause of pain is not the separation itself, but the fact that you do not accept separation, you still put your own feelings into the hands of the other side, he responded, you can be happy all day, he ignored you, you are in a situation of endless.

Don’t dwell on him, fade out of his world. At the end of the day, your first reaction is to save, but perhaps too anxious to choose the other side’s boring way to continue to entangle. Since the other party chooses to leave, then it is negative to you, if you continue to entangle, will only make the other side bored. To save love is actually a long and difficult process, in the early stage of the break-up is appropriate to separate not to contact each other, to give each other a calm period.

In fact, each other calm and calm is very good, you are too strong in love, say good to hear called love hot, say bad is racism, only take into account their feelings, is indeed too much pressure on each other. Love a person, let each other feel comfortable and secure, the happy mood is OK. So try to love each other the way they like, not the way they feel good.

In fact, after the period of passion fades, one party can find that this may not be the only way of life they want, put forward that everyone calm and calm, is good for each other. It’s like drinking a microcosm when there’s a person, suddenly feel like they’re going to drive home, get up and leave, although for a night to drink not enough, for the long-term healthy friendship between the two sides, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Couples who marry and have children before it is too late to dilute the concentration will face a more severe run-in unless they have a strong ability to solve problems with each other.

So when one side says that’s enough, I want to calm down, so the first step, of course, is to promise each other to calm down. You really want to save love, to give yourself time precipitation, but also to give each other time to calm down. This period of calm is really precious, we can be used to vent emotions, feel the lack, heal the injury, improve ourselves… This period of life without each other is really difficult, many students in the late-night private letter to me, they can not sleep at night, can not eat during the day, feel no hope, the other side’s attitude is cold, there is no possibility of recovery.

You have to realize that saving love is a long-term process, you have to find out your own problems and improve step by step. Saving love is a long-term process, and we need to put aside our impatience, find out our problems and improve. Love is a matter for two people, to break up this step, perhaps both people are at fault, but because you are trying to save the party, so you first need to find out their own problems, only then the conditions to say to save.

What kind of couple is easy to break up

You want to help each other

Do you often find each other pathetic? Do you feel it’s your responsibility to help each other cheer up? Are you afraid that if you leave each other, he won’t be able to stand the blow? If you have this idea, then your love is almost over, because you have sympathy for each other, have compassion, but only love to miss. Falling in love with a traumatized, vulnerable, dependent person, who is loved by pity, is like a rescue mission, not a sound, balanced one. Love is the most important thing for two people to “respect”, once you have the mentality to help each other pity each other, then the relationship will be unbalanced. The person you love must be someone you can respect, you must be proud of the other person, your partner doesn’t want your rescue, but you really know him.

You’re just attracted to each other’s appearance

Everyone will be attracted to handsome beauty. If you find yourself deeply attracted by one of the other’s traits, ask yourself, if the other person doesn’t have those big blue eyes, magnetic voice. . . if the other person is not beautiful, can’t play basketball. Appearance is the first productivity.

Because of the short time to get together in love

Some people fall in love with each other for a short time, such as when travelling, because they are in the same team, because of a few days together. Or it can be understood as love at first sight, but this feeling can not last, because a short period of time together, can not make you fully understand each other’s personality.

The other side has objects

First of all, this kind of feeling is not on the moral line. If the man you fell in love with promised to break up with another woman earlier; Or he said he didn’t love that woman, he loved you; Or his original object accepts your existence, they do not intend to break up, but he wants to be with you for a while, Or he just broke up, but may break the mirror round… these do not love. Don’t associate with married or targeted people, no matter what the excuse, the result is the same, you are doomed to heartbreak. Don’t forget, you just accepted the rest of the other person.

Your choice of a lover makes your parents sad

Parents force you to find an object to marrying, you choose one at will; Maybe you’re anxious to get rid of a person’s single life, and then look at almost a person and you ask for love and say yes… If you choose the object, always make parents angry, it is likely that you just want to rebel, you feel that you must prove what to fight back when you can not control their choices, you do not really love each other, this relationship is doomed to no results.

The age gap is too large

The so-called year-forgetting love refers to the husband and wife are not in the same era at all, sometimes the age of the two can be three generations apart. In any way, such a couple will not be happy.

Have sex or have love without sex

Sex without love can not be long-term, the same, sex is also one of the manifestations of love, love does not have to rely on sex to show, but at the same time there is a little undeniable, no sex love will not last. It turns out that many families break up because they can’t stand having sex.

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