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1. Prepare a topic before a date

Prepare 2-3 topics to interact with her before you date.

“How long should you talk to someone before dating”

Much old iron has a wrong idea, think chat is to keep asking questions, whether meet or not, and sister chat is to ask non-stop.

Have you eaten yet? Where did you go to primary school? A woman at the same table in high school? Where to live at home and so on.

Straight men who feel that they have to ask each other will say, in fact, this will make the sister feel particularly annoying: you are not checking the account, why always find some non-nutrition topic to ask non-stop?

The right thing to do is to impress her with a story, an event that allows her to throw out ideas so that she has the will to talk.

So it’s important to prepare a few topics to interact with her before you go on a date. It can be a popular event, such as variety, movies, or an interesting thing that you can remember deeply.

Let’s say that when you meet and talk and talk, you can say, “I just thought of a funny thing, I once met someone…” And so your chat continued.

When you talk to her, remember to get her involved. You can ask her, “Guess what this guy said?” This can mobilize her emotions, she also has a sense of participation.

Or you can say, “Have you seen the latest movie?” I think a lot of people in my circle of friends have gone to contribute to Jiang Wen’s box office.

“How long should you talk to someone before dating”

If she sees it, she can talk to her about the plot of the movie. If she doesn’t see it you can recommend it to her, by the way, ask her what movies she loves to see and ask her to recommend it to you.

When she recommends it, you can ask her, “What’s that about?” Sounds good. This way you take the initiative to interact with her, she can also have the desire to continue to chat with you.

2. Chat moments revolve around her interests

It’s easy for girls to resonate on topics of interest to them, and even say happily that she’ll keep you talking. So find her interest and you don’t have to worry about talking to her.

So how do you know what the other person is interested in?

This requires you to observe her circle of friends in advance because she can promise to date you, which means that at least you have been chatting on WeChat for some time. You can tell what she likes by what her circle of friends says most often.

“How long should you talk to someone before dating”

If she’s set up for three days to be visible, you can flip through your past chat history and get more or less valuable information from it.

For example, you know she likes baking, you can say, “Look, you like baking, dessert is good?” Do you have any pictures?

Or she often sunbathes cats in her circle of friends, you can say, “Your friend’s cat is cute, do you have a cat?” What’s it called?

Chatting around the topic of her feelings is the best way to motivate her to chat. 

3. Self-deprecation is the best way to break the ice

People meet people, especially when they are not so familiar, like to be bandaged. Especially men have a good face, but also want to leave a good impression on girls, always want to hide their shortcomings good.

You can start by mocking yourself at work because talking about work as an adult is also the most resonant.

This is a good way to self-deprecation, you can first say things the other way around, such as bad things as good things, and then surprisingly reverse, to show the other side that you also feel very hard, the weekend also have to be caught with customers.

In doing so, the girl sees both your sense of humour and your optimism and maturity, as well as your jokes in the face of difficulties. Naturally feel good about you, will also be willing to talk to you about her topic.

In fact, proper self-blacking, not only the best means of ice breaking but also to show you a different side.

Let’s say you can tell girls about your childhood; “I’m not a good student, I went to another city with my bag on my back in college, and although I was almost expelled from school, I saw something on campus.” 」

In this way, the girl will know that you are a person with their own opinions, and will not follow the flow, but also for the goal of the effort, she will look at you.

If you don’t have one of these cases, look for something that goes against traditional conservative ideas, but reflects your unique experience.

Finally, to get rid of the awkward situation of always chatting with girls on a date, you need to start from the following aspects to change.

(1) Prepare a few topics to interact with her before dating, but popular movies, variety shows, TV shows, can also be an interesting thing.

(2) Talk about topics of interest to her so that she can’t finish talking to you. Keep an eye on her through daily chat observation if your circle of friends can’t see it.

(3) Learn to make fun of yourself, don’t always be careful to expose your shortcomings, make fun of yourself appropriately she will see your self-confidence and maturity.

Of course, dating is not enough to know how to talk, how to make a second offer after a date, and how to do some after-care work to prompt her kindness is equally important.

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