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Many men on the first date out of the teacher disadvantage, is because they do not know what to talk about, the whole process is very wooden, or chat about the wrong topic, say the wrong thing, make women unhappy.

Before the first date, it is necessary to ask men not to be lazy, to do their homework in advance, and to prepare topics that are not cold and awkward. Whether you can win a woman’s likeness may depend on whether you take the time to prepare. Do more with less or do more with less, it’s all about whether you steal this lazy.

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-what topics do you talk about on your first date so that you won’t be cold and embarrassed”

There are two sides to a woman, and there is a talkative side hidden under the stubborn side. How to make a woman from hold to become talkative, the key lies in the topic you talk about does not match her appetite, there is no impulse to stimulate her to want to spit as fast.

And once she spits at you faster, it’s a good start, and her defence of you is like breaking up a large part. People’s sense of trust is so wonderful, or beware of not opening easily, once opened, trust and good feelings immediately increased.

Here are some topics that will interest women and have something to say to help men gain women’s trust and obesity.

Topic 1: Ask her more questions and show that you are interested in her. Don’t worry about the way you ask questions like checking your account, which can cause women’s disgust and resistance, if you want to know, ask boldly and confidently. Men’s greatest praise and praise for women is to show a great interest in women, to show a special desire to understand women’s various information.

Topic two, pets. Men can unann’t mind-by-be ask, “Do you like cats or dogs? ” If a woman says she doesn’t like it very much, she doesn’t want to keep talking; if a woman says she likes it, it opens up her box, whether she’s had a cat or a dog when she’s a child, she’s got a cat or a dog now, and she wants to have a cat and dog in the future, she’s going to talk a lot about it. It’s like asking a mother or a woman who wants to have a baby about a “child” and she’s going to talk to you with particular interest.

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-what topics do you talk about on your first date so that you won’t be cold and embarrassed”

Topic three, travel. The topic of travel is also a topic of interest to women, you can talk to each other about the future want to travel, or have travelled to the place, talk about the travel anecdotes and impressive things, once the topic unfolded, estimated that the whole date-time is not enough, and the intention is not enough is the best state, both people will look forward to the next date. If the man’s own travel experience is relatively rich, this topic can just show your personal charm, let women feel that you have a broad horizon, rich experience, mature and responsible, and even let women worship you.

Topic four, food. If your first date is at a restaurant, you can use this as an opportunity to discuss more food. For example, when ordering, you can ask her what she likes to eat, what she doesn’t like to eat, whether she has eaten food that will be allergic, so that on the one hand you can understand her preferences, on the other hand, she will think you are a very considerate person. For example, when eating, you can evaluate whether this dish is good or bad, say home food, their favourite food, see on the Internet so that they especially want to eat food… People to eat for the day, food this topic is very common, everyone is very familiar with, everyone has their own views, the chat will be easy to relax, close the distance between two people.

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-what topics do you talk about on your first date so that you won’t be cold and embarrassed”

Topic five, women’s hobbies. On the first date, men don’t have too much desire to express themselves but give women the opportunity to perform and talk. Ask a woman honestly, “What have you been spending your time and energy on lately” and who may not want to talk to you about her work and daily life, but is absolutely willing to share her interests because it’s something she loves, something she devotes a lot of time and energy to and brings her a sense of accomplishment. If you have the same hobbies, then congratulations, you and she have a common topic, she will be more fond of you. If you don’t know much about her hobbies, listen carefully, show your appreciation and approval, don’t pretend you understand, the result of the door axe, make a clumsy, make a big joke that you don’t understand.


On your first date, it’s important to talk about something. Men are advised to ask women more questions and show interest in women. Also, you can chat about pets, travel, food, women’s interests and hobbies these topics, to close the distance between you, so that women have a better feeling for you will also be very helpful.

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