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First: Before the appointment

1, the better the ambiguous relationship before the appointment, the smoother the overall dating process will be, so don’t just stare at the other person answer not to promise you to come out of the appointment, early chat communication work to do well;

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-practical tips for dating, including how to make physical contact and enhance the relationship”

2, before the appointment in advance with a joking tone, tell the other person you want to do something with the other person during the date, such as holding hands and hugging, let the other person subconsciously leave a trace of the image, when you want to hold hands, it will not appear sudden;

3, if you worry about their own or each other’s looks do not meet psychological expectations, resulting in the awkward meeting, suggested a few days before the date to find a suitable opportunity to make a video call, so that each other have a number in mind, lest the physical non-conformity leads to poor returns and affect the mood;

4, the use of the network platform in advance familiar with the dating scene, where there are any brand stores, what specialties, or fun, and what price of consumption, can be predicted in advance, to avoid dating because the consumer price exceeded expectations affect the mood or no direction with a range;

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-practical tips for dating, including how to make physical contact and enhance the relationship”

5, dating items as far as possible to choose a short and interesting time, dating time as far as possible to choose in the afternoon or evening, choose after lunch or some time before dinner, do not recommend the first item to eat, not recommended in the morning, unless you want to travel around the city and so on;

6, at least one day in advance to send out a date invitation, about three hours in advance to confirm whether the other party will go to the appointment, ten minutes before going out to inform the other party that you have gone out, about how long will go to the date place;

Second: When an appointment is made

1, dating meeting place as far as possible to choose from the first item of the appointment there are hundreds of meters away, to each other’s description, you have to feel that fools can understand the best;

Because our appointment emphasizes the number of transitions to create a short experience for girls, so the location is best to choose to meet after walking three or five minutes to reach the first appointment, this is a short transition;

2, the first item of the first date to choose a relatively quiet and comfortable place, cafes, dessert shops, clear bar, if the weather is good, you can also choose a better scenery riverside walk;

Mainly there is a quiet environment so that you can get to know each other more deeply while giving the next project a buffer opportunity if the first date to meet to eat, two people a little sudden feeling;

3, when the first project happily ended, see the time to make a plan, if it is two or three o’clock in the afternoon out, then chat for more than an hour, and then change the next project, you can go to the net red card turn, this is more test photo technology, but more easily enhance your relationship;

If it is out before dinner, then after the end you can go to dinner, eat what you must have communicated well before, eating actually has a lot of attention, for example, you have to choose a more comfortable side of the background, so that the other side to see you, will be more comfortable, eat I specifically wrote an article on the details;

4, limb contact skills

A: When you’re walking on the road, at first you deliberately let each other walk outside the road, or on the outside of the sidewalk, when there’s a battery car behind you or someone else walking fast, you can put one hand on her shoulder and let her walk inside;

This time only need to touch the shoulder, then let go, when you touch the girl’s shoulder, her heart must have little ups and downs;

B: When you’re in a coffee shop or a clear bar, try to choose a corner location, but avoid the situation of only two people in the small bag room, at first certainly sitting opposite, when half-familiar with the chat, you can find an interesting video prepared in advance, and then say to the girls, I found an interesting video, you see;

Then take the mobile phone to the opposite side and sit side by side with each other, when you sit in the seat your thighs can touch each other a little closer, this time you can observe whether the girl’s thighs dodge behaviour, if obviously dodge, it is that you are not attractive enough;

If you don’t dodge, then this time your attention is on the video, discuss the video for a while, then you can discuss her photo, and then evaluate her selfie, feel that the technology is not effective, and then open your phone and take a picture with her;

As long as you attract in place, girls are very willing to take pictures with you, in the photo you can also have simple physical contact, for example, the first shot is not good, the second can be closer, but everything to appear natural, do not deliberately; 

C: Crossing the road, or a lot of people or more mixed places, you can naturally hold each other’s hands, the first time hand, do not immediately hold hands, but hold her wrist, wearing a jacket, on the wrist at the position of the jacket, to avoid force;

When crossing the road, or after the crowd, take the initiative to release, this time can also observe in your grasp her wrist, there is no resistance, if not, then the second time encountered cross the road or a lot of people;

You still hold her wrist, but this time after crossing the road, do not loosen, but naturally slide from the wrist to the palm of your hand, and then a few more times, you can reach out the palm, and the girl ten fingers buckled, basically the girl will not resist, but remember, holding hands for a little while will be released, do not sweat, not let go;

In some shopping malls or restaurants, many people are like waiters to open the door for girls, then the right thing is, you open the door, and then walk in front, take the girl’s hand, go out or walk in, and then immediately release;

D: on the escalator or into a lot of elevators, just on the escalator or just into the time, the trend to support the girl’s waist, to prevent her center of gravity unstable fall, but remember not to always hold, basically is on the escalator or just entered the elevator that, of course, other similar scenes also apply;

E: The previous hugs and kisses are only suitable for the night, or a few occasions, can be sent to each other on the way home, or downstairs, can also be out to play a very good place;

For example: when you separate, you can hold her hand, hug her in her arms, hug her for dozens of seconds and then put your left hand on your shoulder, your right hand around your waist, while looking at the girl affectionately;

This time girls will also look at you, when girls and you look at each other for more than two seconds, you can take the initiative to move forward, close to the time, hold on, implying that girls complete the next action;

When kissing, be sure to remember that if the day is not intended to have sex, do not make a wet kiss, simply kiss, there is such action on it, (as far as why the previous article described) such a perfect process is over;

Physical contact is an essential part of dating to upgrade the relationship, if only eat, drink and play without any contact, then the girl’s feelings for you will not increase, in the long run, will also feel that you this person is boring;

In the physical contact, we must avoid deliberately, try to let it go, at the same time, do not act for decades did not touch a woman, every physical contact should be released in time, you know that since the girl agreed to contact with you, there is an opportunity behind, do not have to rush for a while;

5, dating, let her send you a message before bed, or pack up after sending you a message, so that girls can take the initiative to send you a message, at the same time, reduce your sense of need exposure;

Third: After the appointment

1, dating near the end or in the appointment, timely for the second date to do the paving, for example, where it is delicious, today did not eat, a few days to bring you to eat, or where there are interesting places, today did not have time to go, have time to take you to go;

In doing so, one is to show the girl your attitude, prove that you approve of her, you look forward to the next date, but also can test the girl’s attitude towards you, and whether she would like to have a second date with you;

If you don’t invite a girl at the end of a date, it’s easy to misunderstand the girl and make her feel like you don’t have a plan, no strategy, and another one thinks you might not be interested in her;

Face-to-face invitation, it is easier to be agreed, after all, if WeChat invitation, there is no pressure to meet, if you win the hearts of girls in the qualified line floating, then there is a certain probability that girls when you come home after the invitation, said no;

2, the second invitation time, at least choose the next day (mainly to avoid the exposure of a sense of demand, affect the establishment of relations) of course every other week is normal, the specific establishment of the invitation time, do not always ask, the day after tomorrow is free, I take you to eat characteristic Thai food, girls say the day after tomorrow, this time do not ask the day after tomorrow or specific day, but ask girls what day do you think convenient?

3, the end of the appointment to home, do not feel hand in hand did not refuse, hug did not refuse is successful, began to give girls non-stop messages, this is wrong, exercise restraint, you can the day’s dating content aftertaste while exploring the relevant content;

4, the first date and the second date in the middle of time, every day to maintain a proper sense of contact, of course, do not always text, busy during the day on the evening chat, at night there is pay on the day greeting, anyway, can not have any day out of touch;

5, the whole is after the appointment, do not urgently contact, contact also do not kneel lick, at the same time to control the follow-up pursuit of rhythm.

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