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1, organize their own image;

Even if you are not handsome, height is not very advantageous, you can also take care of their own image to make themselves look more attractive, after all, no woman will like the man in the ripples, before the date you first have to go to the heart to get a haircut, clean up the dead skin on the face, by the way also repair a messy beard or shave it clean. After you’ve done this, look at you in the mirror and you’ll think: Wow, I can be so handsome!

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-make these four preparations before a date”

2, with good dating clothing

It has to be said that clothing matching on a person’s overall temperament has a great impact, matching will make you look more type, matching wrong will make people think you are funny, so before dating you have to use more intentions in this regard, you can see more about the clothing matching magazine, or let a more professional person in this area give you tailor-made clothing, which will make you dating success rate increased a lot. 

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-make these four preparations before a date”

3, prepare some chat topics

If you are a very good person to chat with people this step can not care too much, as long as you keep a good state is enough, if you are a person who usually does not chat with girls you have to work more in this area, you can go to the Internet to see some words, collect more topics, this will let you in the dating and girls have a good chat atmosphere, but also easier for women to have a good feeling for you.

4, step on the point in advance

When dating is best to take girls to a place you are very familiar with, if you go to a place that two people are not familiar with will often leave a bad dating experience for women, only in the dating to do a good job of preparation, girls will think you are a very careful person, will also have some good feelings for you, so you have to spend some time in advance to step on.

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